Finally! Here comes summer!

School's finally out on Tuesday। Hurray! It has been an excellent year, but a long and busy one. I realized fairly recently that that feeling i have of always running to catch the bus and never quite making it is only partly related to having two jobs on top of parenting. i also have been driving the "Mama Express". My middle schooler goes to an arts magnet school (sheer luck, that's all there is to it) and needs to carpool to get to school. Both kids were swimming in a pool that was a distance from here, and the boy child was usually playing two sports. Add scouts times two, and choir and youth group for the princess and a husband who is in grad school and, see, I'm hyperventilating already. Luckily, ULH (usually lovely husband) is a very involved daddy!

We have been lounging about at the pool, which for me means knitting while every one else swims। Summer swimming and dive teams are underway and competition is imminent। I have had a very lovely kindergarden teacher drop in my lap to watch the kids while i am at the hospital and plenty of teenager to help out as well। It is a good thing because there is yarn to be dyed।

I think I mentioned that I am working on another Loopy Ewe order, right now, and simultaneously am getting ready for the summer knitting event of the year, nay, the sock knitting event of a lifetime। I have no website update at this point, as my webmistress has started a big new job. Congratulations, Jess!

I am planning an update for tomorrow evening with Sea Sock

Dragon Sock

and Dragon Lace (finally dyed some new yarn in this base). It looks lovely in Rocky Top, too.

My knitting has been a disaster! I have seriously lost my competent knitter mojo! I always do a summer tank this time of year. Because one can never have enough knitted tanks, right?. I decided to finally knit the Shell tank from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature (I don't have to link to that really, do, I?) I probably don't have to tell you want to knit pretty much everything in that book! Don't you? Gorgeous patterns! Except maybe the Bubble Sweater. Not my thing, there.

I ordered yarn (KnitPicks CotLin) and began to brood over the best way to lengthn the body so that my NOT-washboard stomach doesn't peek out. Trust me. No one wants that. I read the rav posts on it and decided to lengthen at the straps and cast on for the center panel. My theory is that I need to knit that first to see how long to make the other pieces. I ripped it out three times before I acknowledged that I really was going to have to follow the pattern as written and Pay Attention! Then, I started again, leaving the other panel as it is. I will rip it later. Seems less painfull to start again with out ripping the first piece out (again).

Next post, i'll actually show you my progress:)

In other knitting news, I actually completed my Maggie socks. We had a "footing" and I was able to adjust the toe on one sock to fit properly. Then, I took off the toe of the second sock and have tried twice to knit the second toe to come out like the first. I have put that project in time out.

I have become so disgusted with the way the Malabrigio sock turned out, that I just pulled the needles out (It was all finished but the cast off) and started on the next one. Knitting round and round in stockinette seems to be going fine so far! Good swim meet knitting. Except i pulled out a needle getting up to cheer. After I complete sock number two, I will rip out number one and re-knit.

Spinning has been going well. I have been woolen spinning Elizabeth's Finn, along with some Muscet Shetland I have. The skeins are all coming out a bit different.

but the sweater is not bad, in a wild and unfettered sort of way.

The neck will need to be steeked and enlarged. Mostly, It is too hot for me to work on a chunky weight wool sweater.

Fleecie washing has been the most interesting activity around here. I have been processing a Bond-Romney cross purchased from Lesley of Cedar Wool farm. The fleece is filthy dirty and full of hay, but man, the fiber is so nice, it is totally worth the attention I'm giving it to get it clean. Here are some lovely, lovely locks I have washed twice and dyed.

I arranged them for combing so they are approximately lock length and all pointing in the same direction.
Doing this pulls out some of th junk and makes it easier to "charge" the comb. technically, I should probably arrange the locks so that the "butt" end is close to the teeth, but who has that kind of time? This is a 5 # fleece!

After combing, it looks like cotton candy. And feels like super long staple cotton (as in 6 - 7" staple length. Yum!)

I don't have a diz (yet!) so I just pull the combed fiber slowly off the comb, until I start to see some junk combing off. I'm not concerned about nepps in this case, as this fiber will go to Steph and ultimately be carded into fabulous Loop batts. So, here they sit in adorable little roving balls. Really, they are sliver balls, as all of the fibers are aligned together in the same direction and would spin up as some kick-butt worsted-style yarn.

Trudge wishes you to know that they are not all cotton candy pink.