getting better all the time

Can you see the boy there? A little to the right, head thrown back in the blue shirt? He is a might Tiger and he is cheering with his team. this is really what the Tigers do best-cheering. Yay!

We have been doing alot of this. And, yes, I'm one of the obnoxious swim mommies who cheers loudly for her kids every time they swim. As if that will keep them afloat? I don't know, but it IS primal. And I often leave with a sore throat.

Despite neglecting the garden greatly this year, we have had some blooms. These were taken with the big zoom lens i use for swim and dive meets, but I rather like the effect.

I know i am late, but i did do a small update today. You can go here to see the Dragon sock and Sea sock I have put up. Next week, I will start dyeing again. Looking forward to it, in fact. I guess i can't quit; i would miss it too much.

I leave you with pictures taken at a fun meet we had last year. Not by me. Look at that tuck!

Must be some circus performers in his gene pool, don't you think?