Some kvetching, and an UPDATE!

Ok, so the other half of my etsy store update never really happened. Sorry about that. I got sucked into the whirlwind, or the black hole or something. And got super-stressed, with an inflamed jaw and everything. No worries, it's all better now. I powered through (finally) the wholesale order and have been attempting to get things in perspective (again!) so i can keep going.

I still have to actually get the boxes to UPS, but that will happen tomorrow. I'm taking a tiny break from dyeing to try to get my house in order. Filing, that kind of thing. And then i'll get to work dyeing sock yarn for sock summit. One of the things that has kept me from declaring myself done with this whole indie business thing is that i have a plane ticket to Oregon, so i might as well get ready. One Day At A time. It seems to work for me some days.

I signed up for an exercise class but it seems to be weights and ball and I think it's dumb to do weights once a week. Clearly, i should have made it a Yoga class. Next time, Yoga!

In knitting news, I have completed the funky cable panel for the Shell Tank. The proper way this time. It is quite pretty. And i'm 6 inches into the back panel and seem to be following directions as written so far. Whoo!

Maggie's socks are finished and lovely, but two different sizes. I told her this and she said it made her feel better about her knitting. Way to re-frame, Maggie! I may give them to her or I may frame them or i may throw them in the trash and never knit another pair of socks. Stay tuned.

I am past the heel turn on the Brand New Malabrigio sock, which I am going to complete before ripping the other one out and doing it again. maybe it will take me a year to knit this pair of socks! They will be great when they are done, tho.

I did go to spin in at Gryphon's and did bask in the fabulous company of Gryphon, and Sarah, and Corrine, and Jess, and several other lovely folks, but was too much in a stressed-out fog to remember names. I do remember Elizabeth's name, though, who rode with me from Annapolis and kept me entertained as usual with stories about her brood of children and fluffy, fibery pursuits.

Are you wondering how i can be so stressed out and busy and still get knitting done? No, i am not knitting at work (I share and office with my boss!) i am engaging in the time-honored practice of knitting at the pool. Through swim and dive practices, and two, sometimes three swim meets and one dive meet a week. thank goodness i love my pool, and the people at my pool. My 11 year old mermaid is learning how to be a teenager this summer at the pool. It is a bit hair-raising to watch but i trust (?) that her good sense will prevail. Of course, if it does not, i am right there to provide some.

Pictures coming soon, once we take the big lens off and i can photograph small things up close again. And, unless, the sky falls or my house is blown down, i plan to update my shop tomorrow afternoon! See you there!