A Brief Beach Interlude

A few days after returning from Sock Summit, Jack and I drove to my in-laws' house in Delaware to pick up the kiddies. This after having a few days just the two us! Yay for time together! We were both still working and he was doing school work, but it was still nice.

And there, we had the best day ever. My father in law, John, took the kids and I to the beach in the morning, where we swam and chilled on the beach.
At first the girlie was very unmermaid-like and wouldn't go near the water, the the rest of us went swimming with out her. But then, she couldn't resist the amazing day and started a "periwinkle farm" on the boy's boogie board.

After a few perfect hours, we me the Lovely Jack and his mom for lunch in Bethany at our favorite joint, and then we all went on a kayak tour of the salt marshes.

The marsh was beautiful and we loved finding horse shoe crabs and hermit crabs and so many amazing birds. My arms were so sore from paddling the next day! Sorry, i didn't take my camera, for obvious reasons.

I took the kids to the pool while John and Dorothy rustled up dinner and Jack worked on a final paper due the next day. We were treated to the best the Maryland delaware shore has to offer: fresh corn, fresh tomatoes, and yummy blue crabs! And the most delicious peanut butter pie for dessert. Mmmm!

We rounded out the weekend by going surf fishing the next day. John has a truck with a license to drive on the beach, so we loaded up the poles and coolers and beach gear, and drove right to the water. With about 10 bazillion others. The place was like a parking lot. Very friendly, easy going crowd, but impossible to swim and fish at the same time. Just not enough real estate. That's the thing with the Delaware shore. So may people, so little space for them. Even the ocean becomes wall-to-wall people. But still two amazing days on the shore.

No fish were caught, but no kids were either!

Aquaboy was stung a few times by particularly nasty jellies, but he recovered with the help of our neighbors and their Windex and meat tenderizer. Before bed, when his stings were stinging him again, I followed their advice and put shaving cream on, over Windex. Who knew?

Thanks for a lovely weekend, John and Dorothy!