Where's Dragonfly?

Right here! At the pool. Where else?

Knitting, and watching, and playing, and swimming, even.

Summer swim season is a beautiful thing.

The friendships are some of the best we have, even if we only see each other a few months a year.

Everyone works hard.

Especially swim daddies.

We have a chance to face our fears.

We meet challenges head on.

And we do it all the Glenwood Way.

Certain swim mommies knit alot but need to take the big lens off the camera so we can show you. I can tell you that i finished the Shell Tank, and am not loving the fit. Will narrow the shoulders with my handy needle and thread. Hopefully, blocking will help too. Started a three-woman February Lady knit along, too. Also dyed and am spinning the yarn for my friend Shari's version.

The mer-boy was on fire. He competes tomorrow as the 14th seed in the county-wide All-Star meet. He's gunning for his coach's 8 and under breast stroke record. Wish him luck! The girlie is at the beach in Delaware with her grandparents, enjoying lots of attention and getting used to her new braces. I am tying up loose ends andgetting ready for Sock Summit. My yarn is on it's way in the yarn bus. See you there?