Lookie, lookie!

Did you get your Fall Knit Picks catalog last week? It's a beauty, staring with the cover and going on to some great yarns in excellent colors. And the patterns are great. That's what I usually keep it around for.

Elizabeth noticed what I didn't. Page 17? That one's mine! My Messenger Bag pattern from Pints and Purls! Hurray! I'm not even sure i told you about this book; it came out in the Spring (when i was overwelmed andnot really blogging much) and features not one but TWO of my patterns. So here is the bag (Wheatberry Ale, I think:), knit in Wool of the Andes, a very pretty heathered yarn. The origininal is a pink and brown marled Cascade 220. And when i went to the website, i noticed, my NAME on it. That never happens. I think i may need to send a thank you note:) How cool is that?

The second pattern from Pints and purls is Barfly. Just went into a rav wormhole, discovering that my patterns are on the site and that PEOPLE HAVE KNIT THEM! Not very many, but wow. Clearly, i shall have to put a picture up of my Barfly, which actually fits me. Yay! One of the nice things about working with Karida and Libby, the authors of Pints and Purls, is that, not only are they lovely people, but they gave back the projects when we were finished with them How great is that? Except i let them keep the messenger bag for Cascade to use in a trunk show.

Ok, closing now with some shots of yarn that has benn put up in my shop, or will be by the end of the day.

Texas Bluebonnet Squishy Lace

Oceanic Gaia Dk

and finally, Shining Sea Milk Protein Fiber. Spins just like Tussah silk, only maybe not sticky. It loves the dye in the same way as silk though. And it really is this pretty in real life!