This and that

I wanted to show you pictures from our visit to New Mexico. My parents have bought a condominium in Las Cruces for my father to live in when he retreats from the many allergy seasons in New Orleans. While this change in their lives has been mind-numbingly stressful for them, it has improved my father's quality of life exponentially.

The kids and i spent a week out there with them so we could check things out and maybe help them get settled in. We didn't help much:) We did find this part of the world is so different from New Orleans and the mid-atlantic region, it was like exploring the moon. Thrilling, but pretty scary if you've been used to the same community all your life. And, besides, we don't enounter signs like this too often:

Isn't my dad cute? He and mom did everything they could to make this a nice vacation for us, and arranged a trip to the Gila mountains, about a 4 hour drive, much through twisty-turny roads, so we could hike up to see pre-historic Mogollon (pronounced "muggy-own") Cave Dwellings. Unfortunately, we weren't prepared for the magnitude of the trip or the altitude, and it turned out to be too much for my parents. The sights were amazing, and beautiful, but hard to appreciate when we were all feeling pretty sick!

And onto today. Steadily settling into our fall schedule; sports, mad science, grad school for the husband, more dyeing for SAFF for me. The boy, who does not like transitions, and i have made an agreement that he can do Mad Science if he promises not to scream everyday when he gets home from school. We'll see how it goes. 3rd grade is a big year here. The expectations go up with the homework. He can do it but I need to be there with him. The girlie is taking Algebra, and also is needing alot of support with her homework. She can do it but needs to freak out alot at the same time.

I have dyed some new colors. You remember cinnamon Red Hots? That is this color. Very warm and cinnamonny. I am dyeing more in layers of color, rather than putting the colors next to one another. It is pleasing to me, and possibly a bit simpler. i hope to have an update ready this evening. So far, i have only shot Dragon Sock, however. Tomorrow, a dyeing extravaganza with beautiful new yarn line.

I have been knitting, too. I started these lovely socks with A Piece of Vermont's merino/bamboo/nylon yarn. I love Jessie's dyework. I suspect she does cold pour, but i am aiming for something similar with my kettle dyeing technique. These are Evelyn Clark's Waving Lace Socks

from Interweave's Favorite Socks. What a delightful, and speedy pattern. I think i'll give them to my mom for Christmas.

And this is the Leafling pattern from the Rockin' Sock Club that I told you about. i brought it to New Mexico so that i wasn't knitting my mom's Christmas present in front of her and the knit the first sock in a week. Super speedy for me, but also the yarn is STR medium weight. A pleasant knit, but the gauge is a bit tight, and, therefore, hard on the hands. These will be winter clog socks for ME:)

Finally, an update on my pretty, pretty February Lady. I've just started the garter stitch hem. I ordered some beautiful clay buttons from Jennie the Potter for it. I think it may take a while for her to get to them:) Go see why! Isn't she beautiful? Nothing like a new life to bring hope and joy to us all.