Making Ready

Last week, it rained endlessly, slowing the dyeing and making little boys completely insane. Insane enough, in fact, to run out in shorts and a t-shirt to shoot hoops in the pouring rain. I wonder if it was also the rain that made him declare "I love shopping!" while thrift store shopping with his mom. I believe we were looking for clothes for his sister at the time, too!

Little girls (young ladies?) were less insane, as my mermaid had to get up at 5:30 Saturday and Sunday to go swim in a meet. She spent the dryland portions of her weekend lying prone on her bed, avoiding homework. Although, in the pool, she showed up to swim and went so far as to knock 11 seconds off of a 50 (that's 2 laps to you and me). My girl dropped a ton of time in all of her events, reaping the benefits of some hard work and a great new attitude! "Yay me" she says (with maybe a touch of irony in her tone). Then she showed up to sing in the church choir; luckily the robe covered the cut offs and uggs combo she was sporting that am! I'm digging 7th grade so far!

I have dyed as much as I can for SAFF, but really wanted to get Sheri her order so the first Djinni Sock update can coincide with the fest (although why do I think people will want to order more yarn during or just after a fiber fest when they have spent all their money already on woolies?). I will definitely have some Djinni, and lots of beautiful spinning fiber, and Dragon Sock, Lace, and Worsted. And many other yummy yarns, but maybe not as much Marengue as I would have liked. Well, come see. I think you'll be pretty happy!

So, the three fates are hitting the road again. Tomorrow at a rather civilzed hour, for a change. I think I like it when Sarah starts the trip off:) We'll be picking Gryphon up in Harrisonburg, VA (and not, as the confused among us thought, Harrisburg, PA) sometime late morning and we'll be knitting and barrelling through the beautiful Smoky Mountains to Asheville. Look out, Southern Knitters, here we come!