Learning Curve Roller Coaster

Phew! It has been a week! We've had the snots over here, not too be confused with the flu, thank goodness. Last week, I had the princess home (that's right, the mermaid was earthbound:); this week the boy desided he needed to stay home. Oh, and the dog injured herself jumping down a hill. I think she may be ageing a touch. Used to be anything and now, well, there are consequences. Kind of like me.

There have been many fabulous new things going on here at Dragonfly headquarters thanks to all my wonderful customers and friends and family. I have tripled my dyeing equipment and am expanding my output. Laura, my high priestess of Marketing, and I are working on advertising both through the Group and on Ravelry specifically. I have been looking at expanding Team Dragonfly in various ways and may have someone who can really whip me into shape (very nicely). And, i have a ordered a big yarn skeiner! I am starting to give up worrying about where things will go and am going it to "make it work" mode. If you build it, they will come. Right?

Now specifically, if you haven't already, you need to go on down to my Ravelry group and join it. and while you're there, you need to check out my Winter colorway contest. If you're not on Rav, you can still play:) Here goes:

As a way of introducing a new concept, I am having a contest for inspiration. It may be obvious that there is nothing an indie dyer loves more than creating colorways, yes? In an attempt to rein myself in a little and keep the colorway list under control, I am introducing seasonal colorways. These color will be produced only during their season, and then will go into hibernation until next time. but it’s more fun if we all get to play, right? I am looking for some inspiration for Winter; you can submit anything for inspiration: pictures, poetry, movie titles, travels, etc. Just needs to be related to the season of choice. I will choose, with input from the Dragonflies, and members of the Dragonfly team, 3 (give or take) inspirations and interpret them for sale through the winter months.I actually started this concept this fall and just didn’t actually tell anyone(silly me). I bet you can guess at least one of not two of these colorways:) (Pumpkin King and Cinnamon Spice). Then, i added Holy Cow, which started as a goof, because you all liked it so much. Winter colors will start in mid-Fecember and run through February. Fall colors will end December 31st.Oh, and the 3 winning colorway inspirers will be awarded a skein of yarn in their base and colorway of choice, as long as I have it in stock.

So, if you want to play, and aren't on Rav, just leave a comment. Okay?

This lovely vase is a spindle vase made by Wayne, the Barefoot Potter, who is married to the lovely Brittany, of Knit Witch fame. He is developing this vase as a new product at my request, because once one starts collecting spindles, it's tough to stop, right? So any comments you have for me would be most welcome. We know it's a touch short. but isn't it gorgeous? i love it. Brittany and I have a few other fun things cooking up, too. Soon to be announced:)

The mermaid and Mr. Trudge would like you to know that Gryphon and Sarah have moved the sanguine Gryphon out of Gryphon's house to an actual, real commercial space. If you haven't been following their move this week, go see. It looks very cool!
And speaking of the lovely Sarah, I dyed this colorway for a fairisle design project she is working on as a collaborative venture (just yarn dyeing, from my end, but one never knows where things may lead.