Shipping Day

Today, I am shipping orders (finally) from my Djinni Lottery and Friday update. There appears to be a learning curve involved with having a dramatic increase in one's business and I am learning again to organize my time. I was surprised that it took me an entire day to reconcile and print orders; somehow, I was expecting to do all that and ship, and then run over to Restaurant Depot to buy more pots!

Sarah and Gryphon have suggested it may be time for me to think about hiring a "minion". I am beginning to think they may be right, particularly as I seem to have to keep working at the hospital, at least in the short term. I will wait for a tiny bit more, to make sure. But not too much more.

In business-related news, it would appear that PayPal does not approve of my "gambling". In fact, they shut down my account (note to self: must get balance down) because they felt that "running a lottery" was not within the rules. I was required to sign an affidavit stating that i won't be a bad girl anymore and the next time they find such egregious behavior, they will shut me down. I did sign the affidavit, because I had orders to ship and such, and have not yet followed up with PayPal, partly because they have provided little contact information to enable me to do so. All of this to say, the next Djinni lottery, and there most certainly will be one, will have to be called something else. Any thoughts?

Next update will be at 5 pm Eastern this Friday. I AM trying to keep a consistent time, but I'm planning to chaperone a middle school youth group retreat this weekend and am not yet technically equipped for a remote update. That is coming, by the way. I believe in December or January, i'll be purchasing a Droid. A phone with all the bells and whistles, including a decent camera. I mostly like it because of the name. I was, after all, an original Star Wars fan. Wish me luck out in the woods with a bunch of middle schoolers!

Finally, a few pictures from last weekend.

Aren't they gorgeous? That's my aqua boy, gone terrestrian for the time being, and his "twin" best friend. Who has, incidentally, a twin brother who looks like a slightly smaller verion of my boy. Sometimes i yell the wrong names at them on the soccer field.

The three of them play on a team together with a few other close friends and you can already see what it could be like in high school. They are already playing together as a unit, like good friends and team members who are different parts of the same body. Not that the team has done well or anything; we had an 0 and 9 or 0 and 8 season. Not that I'd change a thing about it:)

Ps: do the two coaches on the left look familiar? Check out the Captain and his wife in the previous post. Note the twin's twin in the back row toward the middle. Doesn't he look just like my boy?