This is Halloween!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It's our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween
from Nightmare before Christmas
Hurray for my favorite holiday of the year. No religious stuff, no presents, little controversy, just community, and lots of candy!
And then you get silly costumes
and happy kids!

It's been a big week around here for Dragonfly Fibers. As you may know, i have a new ravelry group, thanks to my lovely fairy godmother, Laura Garcia (Blueswirly). Contact her if you need some graphic design or branding help; you'll be very glad you did! Thanks to her and Ravelry, and Sheri of the Loopy Ewe, and my friends Gryphon and Sarah, and many other loveley people, and don't forget many fabulous customers!, my business has been, well, very busy. Yay, indeed. THANK YOU!!!
I now need to announce updates, and thanks to so many kind and wonderful customers, have learned how to make the update all go at the the same time. There is some re-organizing going here at Dragonfly headquarters, so I can dye more stuff in the same time, and I'm trying to drop a shift off of my schedule at the hospital. Also, as i figure things out, there will be glitches, for which i am sorry, but I am definitely open to suggestions:)
Sweetheart Merino-Silk Roving
Speaking of announcing updates, I will be updating the shop on Friday at 9 pm. I am hoping to make this a regular update time, and items will be pre-loaded so it will all go up at once (thanks juliespins!) I know for sure that there will be dragonsock, spinning fiber, dragonlace and merino worsted (I just have a little at this point, but have ordered more!). I don't have my inventory list in front of me now, so not sure of the rest:) Some of the roving is on my flickr, if you want a preview:)
ETA: I forgot to mention that we are holding a lottery for Djinni Sock on my Ravelry group (will add link later) starting today. i am doing this because I only have a little bit left before the big truck from the mill comes in and I want people to have a fair crack at it. So, go check out my group, ok?
Sistine Ceiling Merino-Silk roving
Ok, now closing with the promised SAFF photos. Still some to come off the cell phone, too.
Our Booth
Gryphon and her new wheel
Gryphon enjoying and "un-birthday" moment, dancing with the waiter
Katey, who made that moment and many other things possible

Brittany, the Knit Witch, who "accidentally" organized the party

Amy showing off her handspun made from Dragonfly roving in Robin's Egg