Why I'm not dyeing today

It's not the rain, per se. See, with help from the Lovely Jack, I had this great idea for a set up. Three double burners and a dye table out in my "open air dye studio", otherwise known as the peeling, rotting back deck. In fact, if you look carefull at the above picture, you will notice the white line drawn by the mermaid, across which no more of stuff can go. So much for that idea, sweetie. A commercial grade canopy tent is to go over much of this, apparently not over the pots themselves, though, as Gryphon learned yesterday.

I thought it would be brilliant to move a few things out of the way, and put up the tent to stay out of the rain. I learned fairly quickly that this piece of equipment is not a one-woman set up job. i have persevered anyway, and have managed to get almost all the way spread out, with the covers on, but just need an extra human for the last bit. Why oh why did I choose to do this on a day when everyone in the world is apparently travelling for Thanksgiving? Unfortuately the dye studio is dismantled and now the half-assembled tent is in the way. The lovely Jack will help me later; unfortunately, as i will not be allowed to dye on Thanksgiving Day proper, Friday's update will be rather tiny.

Of course, this may not be a disaster as I may then have time over the weekend to play with the new Winter colorways. So, if you want to win a free skein of yarn, and have some input for the next set of seasonal colorways, do go leave me some inspiration!

These two clearly have the right idea, don't they?

Before I go put my feet up with a cup of tea and my yet to be photographed because it is only two inches long Pomotomous, I would like to take a moment to tell you about my lovely friend and new "Number One", Karen. A very smart and talented lady, seen here in the hat at our divisional swim meet from this summer, she is a fellow swim mom; an experienced project manager; with Fig (also pictured), the team rep for the awesome Glenwood Tigers; and perhaps most importantly, a Knitter and lover of hand dyed yarns.

In fact, we met years ago at the pool because she and I were, at that time, the only ones knitting. Our twelve year old girls swim together all summer; mine like a mermaid; hers like a shark! She also taught me the magic loop technique for knitting in the round and introduced me to the wonderful world of sock knitting.
She can hank a skein of yarn, pack and ship orders, write elegant notes, and even suggest that it is good also to turn the microwave on if I am expecting it to heat up my lunch. I like the way she handles my kids too: "athletes need good nutrition so they can have enough energy to play" to my candy-stalking boy. In the end, she will help me organize my business so it runs efficiently and grows somewhat smoothly. If you buy yarn from me, there is a good chance you will receive a thank you note from Karen, my yarnprentice. Now, you have a face to go with the name.
Many cute words have been tossed out to describe the indie yarn company employee: SG and Loopy have elves, Miss Violet has minions, Karen calls herself "yarnprentice" (cute, yes?), but I call her Number One.