Djinni Un-lottery and other un-related matters

I believe I mentioned that the elusive Djinni is back, yes? We will be celebrating New Year's with a fabulous NewYear's day un-lottery. Go here and join in the fun! I'll be giving folks the choice of 1 or 2 skeins. The skeiner is here and to be assembled and put to work tomorrow, so I think i can spare a few skeins. Then, I'll be getting to work on that Loopy Ewe order!
Now, onto Christmas Day, and such:) When not eating, we did this, thanks to the snow gods.

Dragonfly Dad and dog.

Not sure what Dragonfly Mom is doing here; kinda looks like this maybe? I think she is joining me in wishing you a very fun and exciting New Year!

p.s. No mermaids were harmed during the making of this blog (and, yes, she did eventually go down the hill, but on her own terms, as always:)