So this is Christmas

Or very nearly so. We have in fact begun the week countdown to the mermaid's 12th birthday, which really begins the week of Christmas for us. This year is extra exciting because we will be home for the first time in maybe 5 years. Usually we travel to new orleans to see my family, which is usually warm and always festive but like the song says, "there's no place like home for the holdays."
We know this is what the song says because Aquaman already gave me my christmas present early: a Squeezebox, which is a digital music player that hooks into the computer network and we have been discovering all sorts of christmas music via Pandora. I like it because it has good sound:)
We are moving slowly toward holiday readiness. not only are we home but it seems the whole family is coming to us. And maybe there will be a party involved as well as hosting christmas eve and christmas day. And then, everyone leaves and we collapse! And then, the mermaid has her birthday party. And then, New Years! which i am, of course, hoping will involve lots of knitting!
So, there will be some changes in the shop update schedule to accomodate all of this excitement. I will be having a regular update on Iriday night, at 9 pm est. I will not, not surprisingly, be having an update on the following friday as it is Christmas, and I will be enjoying my family (I hope:) I might have am update on New year's Day, depending on whether there is any yarn.
I have heard that Djinni may have actually reached Maryland this time. It may even be in Easton by now. three cheers for that! I may even have some at some point this week. Just when we were beginning to doubt its very existence... I must get confirmation on when it will enter my hot little hands, and on when my skeiner will actually really be here, but we may be in shape for a holiday or new year's special edition Djinni lottery, who knows? Of course, we won't be calling it that. Maybe an un-lottery?

In the meantime, i have brought on another lovely old friend and neighbor to help keep Dragonfly Headqurters running smoothly. My friend Carol started last week and took care of the update shipment, for the most part. She is going to be getting my next shipment to Fibrespace out, and shipping out fridays' update. When the skeiner comes (cross your fingers for this week), she will be number one skeiner. Her son, now 15, was one of my boy's first gods. And her dog Henry is the cutest Cardigan Corgi ever:)
Meanwhile, there hasbeen knitting. Behold my slightly wonky Golden Pear Pomatomos in Djinni sock. It is a very fun knit, even if I do get distracted sometime and throw the pattern off-kilter. Looks like I'll have to knit two, so i can have a more attractive sock to bring to bring to shows as a sample.
This is the third beginning of my scoop neck Hourglass sweater in Heroine Dragon Worsted. I am loving this knit! Ihe yarn is wonderful; i just wish i was capable of following a pattern with out having to modify it, which of course requires thought, which may require too much for me for right now:) I am working on dyeing and listing tons of this yarn in quantity, because sweaters are the thing for right now, especially once holiday knitting is done. We are talking on the Dragonfly Fibers Rav group a bout doing a sweater KAL after the holidays. Come join us?