I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, and that this weekend is relaxing and fun. We have, or I should say, the mermaid has, a swim meet this weekend. The lovely Jack, or Aquaman as we are coming to experience him, has prepared the obligatory delicious spaghetti and meetballs (good one! or meatballs, if you prefer) and we even had spumoni, my favorite! The boy is back on the basketball court, and we are back on the tread mill, or hamster wheel.

But, before all that, I have some important things to tell you about. First, the amazingly talented Laura Blueswirly has made some winter wall papers for us Dragonflies. You must go see them here, and if you want, download them to your computer. I understand that she is working on a wallpaper for your mobile phone too:) She has been working on some very cool things for me, and for you too! Laura is one talented person, and a rather fabulous human too, while we're at it.

Thanks to those offering inspiration through my Winter Colorway Inspiration contest, I have developed four (yes, i know I said it would be three:) new colorways for the winter season. I am offering these tonight in my shop, and will continue to do so through the end of February.

This is Blue Spruce, inspired by Molly's picture and Sarah's words. Evergreens are definitely part of the mythical winter landscape, especially if they are covered in snow:)

Red Wine by the Fire was a go on the first try, and alot of fun to do. Thanks to Vicki's image of , well, a glass of red wine by a warm crackling hearth, with hand knit socks on feet and one's next sweater on the needles, of course!

Winter Twilight was inspired by several images, most notably this one. I just couldn't resist! Although, it did take a few tries to get it done right:) I do love tolook up at twilight, and see the light disappearing through the bare trees. I have a friend Mary, a non-knitter, who paints this scene in endless beautiful variations. Her favorite things to paint are wooden birdhouses. She really gets the moment just right, to my way of thinking:)

And finally, Fig. I didn't need a fourth colorway, but i just couldn't resist these colors! I may be the only one in the world, we shall see:) But that's okay. Sometimes, a woman must do what a woman must do. These last two were inspired by the fabulous Laura, who took herself out of the contest, but i'm sure I'll figure some way to thank her!

Oh look, it's after 9 pm! Must go start shop update now. More later. Oh, and watch the blog for a cool announcement Monday or Tuesday, ok?