We are SO dreaming of a White Christmas...

Although, by the time Christmas actually gets here, we will have a grey or black Christmas with a bunch of dirty snow:) Better enjoy it now! This is the life; we are snowed in, so i'm sitting in bed in my jammies blogging while the kids play in the snow. Snow forts seem to be the name of the game. Soon, I'll have to go down and start running the dryer and directing traffic.

Our whole family is coming in, so we will essentially have three days worth of party in my tiny little house. Meanwhile, giant shipments of yarn come in and get stowed...somewhere. My big giant multiple skeiner also comes, probably on Christmas eve, just to make things interesting. Luckily there will be a few engineers in the house; maybe they can put it together! Sounds like fun, for engineers, right? I haven't seen a weather forcast, but I hope it's not too cold for my poor southern family:)

These people are ready!

Now onto business~! I updated my shop last night, with lots of seasonal colors, including some lovely roving. This is Fig Merino. Soft and squishy winter hat spinning anyone?

Next week, there will be no update. I have just received the amazing news that I will have skeined Djinni at my disposal as soon as i can get it from Sarah, courtesey of Elissa and her Dream Team at the Sanguine Gryphon. Thanks so much my friends! This means we will be able to celebrate the New Year properly-with a Djinni un-lottery, of course! Stay tuned while we figure out the mechanics of that!

Another thing that has arrived here is the first batch of my new yarn, so i'll dye some up for a proper introduction - after the Christmas family deluge. It seems to me that 'tis the season to leave one's work behind as much as one can, even work as lovely and charming as dyeing yarn in 20 degrees F can be:)

But one more thing. We will have signups up for a few more weeks for Club Dragon Witch. This should be a very fun sock club with some amazing yarns (cashmere, silk, or bamboo anyone?) dyed by well, me and Brittany of the Knit Witch. But also, we have plans for some excellent giftees and the designer list is quite good. Gryphon is creating a special Fairy Tale sock of our very own; I probably shouldn't tell you which story, but let me just say it is relevant to the theme. ok? I have my own ideas, and as i'm the April designer, I better get busy:).. Maybe I'll wait til after Christmas. So, go tell your loved ones that "all you want for Christmas" is a spot in Club Dragon Witch, cause i assume you already have your two front teeth:)

Now, Trudge, who is anticipating lots of delicious turkey and ham,

and I, who have been staying warm while shooting yarn photos

and all of us Chez Dragonfly wish you a very warm and cozy holiday season and much Joy in the New Year!