Good stuff to report

So far, we are having a good start to 2010. Our family is healthy and strong, and happy too. We have good friends and the best dog and cat and siamese fighting fish ever. Seriously, Bubbles eats out of my son's hand:)

The djinni is smiling upon us again, and is available in plentiful amounts. We started the year off with an un-lottery and everyone who opted in by the closing time was able to buy two skeins. I have been busy at work dyeing Djinni for lotto winners and for the Loopy Ewe. The good news is that I have a set up that allows me to dye 100 skeins fairly easily in a day, especially now that i have rinsing help.

2010 appears to be the year of lace. There are two new groups on ravelry that you should check out: Carmen/neverfrog's mystery lace sampler knit along and 10 shawls in 2010, which i am sponsoring with prizes. Sorry no links, but I can't open the rav where i am currently blogging:) Smart filters and such....

I have been dyeing lace as I go along and plan to have plenty in my shop update this Friday. The Dragon Lace came to me in 8 oz mega-skeins, and i will be selling them for $32, which i think is a great deal. And truthfully, depending on what you're making, one skein of lace isn't usually enough, at least for a good sized shawl. Squishy lace will be available in 4 oz skeins, as usual. I am skeining up some cone ends of squishy, which are turning out to be about three ounces, so may dye them and sell them at a discount, just for fun.

You should know that i am discontinuing the Gaia Lace, at least in the short run; hopefully, i can source a replacement for it. Either the same fiber content (and this possibility is in the works) or another luxury blend. Now is the time to give me some feedback on what you'd like to see in the shop and, more importantly, knit your lace patterns with. I'm thinking 100% silk would be nice, and Karen has suggested 100% cashmere, which sounds beyond decadent to me:)

Finally, a few shop announcements. Our first sock club, Club Dragon Witch, which is a joint adventure with my friend Brittany, has closed enrollment for the year. Boy was Brittany smart to figure out how to offer a bimonthly payment option! We achieved our enrollment goal and have some great partnerships lined up. This project is really going to be fun! Of course, it helps that Brittany has done most of the work:) I'm the April designer so I need to work!

Speaking of clubs, I'm thrilled that i'll be participating this year in the Color Coop Fiber and Yarn Club. This one is cool, too. Customers submit inspiration photos and then vote and the dyers dye their response to the photo! The one chosen for January is amazing. I believe i come in on the next round. The nice thing about this one is that the customer can choose either yarn or spinning fiber. Go see the list of dyers; some very talented and original work going on there. Laura of the Unique Sheep is the organizer of the club and does a great job.

One more thing: it seems to me that two sock clubs, even if not strictly dragonfly yarns is enough. I am wondering if the spinners among us wd be interested in a club for spinning fiber? Strictly no frills; just hand-dyed fiber in great colors. Will you please tell me what you think?