The mermaid trades her fish tail for dancin' shoes and other tales

And here she is, on the right, dancing to MJ's 'The way you make me feel". She was nervous, because she and the one boy in the class did a dip at the end of the number and she was afraid she'd fall down:) She didn't! And, she did have a great time. The next night, Cast B performed and I had the pleasure of running a bazillion boys and girls to and from the stage throughout the performance, complete with a walkie talkie! There were more than a few tense moments when an act was needed on stage and half the girls were in the bathroom, putting on yet more make up. Good thing i have a drill sargent voice when I need to:)

There are no pictures of the insane sleepover the boy child had with 9 or 10 friends, which included pizza, an outing to the new Jackie Chan movie, refereed mano a mano after the Jackie Chan movie (oy!), staying up too late, waking up too early, pancakes, and a treasure hunt. Yes, I know I'm nuts. Particularly as the lovely Jack left town at 6:30 the next morning:) (He clearly knew something i didn't).

Now the boy is properly 9 and actively campaigning for a new pet. The three we have are not sufficient, apparently. And have you ever met a boy, who, when offered a puppy, says that what he really wnats is a corn snake? I think we are being a bit ornery...

I do need to let you know that I will not be updating my shop tonight. We have been busting our hump to get our Djinni Sock order out to The Loopy Ewe and have a few things, but not too much. I am going to New York to see a good friend and just can't find the time to get everything loaded before i leave town. I did update the Todays Update set on my flickr, though, so you can see what is coming next week. And, you may know that there are many lovely things already in the shop, such as the Sugar Maple Squishy Lace and Fig dragon Sock above.

Keep an eye out, becasue i will be announcing a few things hear soon. A new "unclub" Djinni Delivery system, a fabulous Super Bowl Widow sale, and a shiny NEW sock yarn:) Stay tuned!

I'll close with pics of my current WIP's:

Top down scoop neck raglan in Heroine Dragon Worsted and

Pomotomos in Golden Pear Djinni Sock.