Mini Club announcement

Yep, it's time for the Djinni Mini Club! I've been talking with the Dragonflies and Nymphs in my Ravelry group about a better Djinni delivery system. The un-lottery worked pretty well this past time, although definitely still have a few bugs to work out. I like the idea, though, of everyone winning. That was really great! The generosity of my customers makes me smile every time. lots of people sat out altogether to give others a chance. this time, i want folks to get what they want in the amounts they want (well, up to 6 skeins, so you can get a sweaters worth if you want). To keep from going insane, though, I'm limiting the color choices. If all goes well, I'll offer different colors the next time around.

I've started a thread and will keep it open until Monday morning, then i'll lock it. All you need to do is go post your request; you may change the post as many times as you'd like, or even delete, if you want. Once the mini club thread is closed, i'll ask for your email addresses and invoice you through paypal. If you have questions, fire away and, of course, all feedback is appreciated:) I do need to give credit where credit is due; Julie Sandell of julie spins is the very clever yarnie from whom I'm borrowing this idea. Thank you Julie!

Did I tell you about my Super Bowl Sale yet? For Super Bowl widows and widowers and even those of us who will be screaming at the TV "Geaux Saints!" and "Who Dat!" Can you believe it? My Saints in the Super Bowl, finally! I've been routing for them since i used to go to games when I was in high school and they were called the "Aints". Of course, my cousin and i were mostly sitting in the nosebleeds and talking about boys, but you know. Now, good luck getting a ticket. We are getting a new puppy soon (for our sweet Emmy who is turning ten and our boy, who need s adog:) and we are trying to convince him to name the dog "Deuce" instead of "Duke".
Ok, back to the Super Bowl sale. Next week, instead of having a regular Friday night update, we'll be updating and putting some goodies on sale. Starting at 6 pm est, for the pre-game festivities. More info on that later, ok?
And yes, the update this week is on. Usual time and place. I have some yummy spinning fiber and some Dragon Worsted, among other lovely things.