Slowly shoveling out from under "Snowpacalypse 2010"

First let me apologize for the lack of new puppy pictures. They do exist, and i will post them when i get home this evening. I'm currently posting from a "secret remote location"; you guessed it: I'm blogging from work. It's possible that it may be slightly quiet here today.

I have a few things to tell you about. First, as you can see i did survive double snow storm week. Now that we are finally able to leave the hell-hole, I mean house, I am hearing all sorts of lovely stories about families snuggling up and enjoying the blizzard together, reading out loud and playing apples to apples and gin rummy. My lovely husband managed to escape town just before the storm hit to go weld..stuff? Connecticut for a "fast tracked" project. While i am sure that his colleagues, some of whom allowed themselves to be snowed in up there for the same project during the previous weekend's storm, very much appreciated his efforts, I am embarrassed to say that i spent more than a little time snuggling up with my resentments!

I did manage to stock up on ice cream and the first season of Smallville before the driveway was snowed in again, so every night the kids and i would celebrate making it through yet another day by snuggling up with the puppy, bowls of ice cream, and a few episodes of the teen Superman and his creepy classmates. Yes, Cody is doing very well, particularly now that i convinced our vet to come up our unplowed street to bring him tapeworm medicine:) Eats like a horse, barks at the cat, chews endlessly, and even(drumroll) got the big dog to play with him! At this point, he still hates the crate but will sleep nicely in his bed on the floor, leashed up to the bed. And when he can finally make it all the way through the night, I can go back to sleeping in my own bed with my own husband:)

As i don't seem to attract anything but "Alpha's" in my life, the puppy definitely likes to be in charge. He won't get to be top dog in our house, but definitely is on his way with the rest of the neighborhood, at 5 lbs and 11 weeks old. Emmy and i should be able to teach him his manners!

I have had a wonderful Go Saints! Superbowl Sale; thanks so much to everyone who helped me celebrate! My Naiad Sock has been well received so far and i expect it to do even better once people start to knit with it:) Laura, High Priestess of Marketing, and i will be hosting a Naiad KAL after the Winter Olympics to give folks plenty of time to get some. Any thoughts on projects? I think it is a lovely choice for socks and also for shawls and scarfettes, and probably spring sweaters too, if you have the patience to knit a sweater in fingering weight yarn. Although, you must go see Danielle's Geodesic Cardigan knit in Dragonberry Dragon Sock! It is absolutely gorgeous, and i want to make one too!

Right after I finish my scoop neck top down raglan in Dragon Worsted, Djinni Pomotomos socks, and super secret socks that i'm designing for the April shipment of Club Dragon Witch. Did you hear that the first shipment was sent out last week by Brittany? Color is beautiful and Rapunzel sock pattern is perfect (may need to weasel a kit from Brittany for um, research purposes? Oh, and the Citron that i have yet to cast on in the new version of Gaia Lace. Yum! I still need to show this to you, don't I? Let's add that to list of pictures that i owe:)

I did not update my shop this past week, as my studio has been under 3 feet of snow (hard-packed at this point) and I was too busy shovelling the driveway and bossing the kids around. In fact, there are still plenty of lovely yarns for sale. The lovely Jack tells me he has shoveled a few feet of space in my dye studio, so, who knows, perhaps i can celebrate Mardi Gras properly tomorrow over the dye pots. For customers who participated in my Djinni mini club, I expect to finish dyeing tomorrow (hope springs eternal!) and Carol the Shipping Goddess (who feels that "Goddess" is too pretentious a title and prefers to be called "Sprite" but I know she's really a Goddess) will be sending out invoices tomorrow in preparation for a Thursday shipping spree.

Next on deck for Dragonfly will be dyeing and shipping for the Color Coop. Now, this is an excellent concept. Club particpants submit photos for inspiration, and then vote to determine which picture the coop dyers will use as their inspiration. The person submitting the chosen photo wins a free club shipment for that month:) The five indie dyers in the Coop then dye their own version of the month's colorway and each dyer ships to one-fifth of the members. Each time, the members rotate, giving everyone a chance to receive yarn from each dye artisan. I'm planning to dye Naiad Sock yarn for my first shipment of this club, which should put everyone in the mood for Spring:) Laura of the Unique Sheep (and those beautiful Gradience Colorways) ably administrates the Color Coop; I'm not sure how she keeps it all straight, but she does!

Ok, so the next shop update will be Friday evening at 9 pm est. I'm not sure what will be in the update yet, but hopefully some new Naiad, a few knotty skeins of Djinni, and some spinning fiber, at least. I am considering shifting update times, cause I know this time is not convenient for everyone, including me sometimes. So look for a poll in the Ravelry group regarding update times; i'm thinking Sunday nights or alternating Sundays with Fridays. Tell me what you think, ok?