Announcements, announcements, announce ments! It's time for (ok well, it's been time) announcing the winners of the Spring Colorway Inspiration contest. Hurray! And the winners are... Susan (auntissy on Ravelry) and Melissa (melissab on Ravelry)! Yay! They have been randomly selected from the 4 people who submitted the winning colorway inspiration.

And we have one more winner: randomly selected from the whole pool of people who gave me great colorway ideas is ..........Susan-from-Athens. So, ya'll need to email me or leave a comment and let me know what yarn you would like as your prize. Thanks so much to everyopne who participated in my inspiration contest; it's so much more fun when you play with me;)

For those who are not on Ravelry, the new colors are, going clockwise from the top left, Daffodils, Baltimore Oriole, Green and Speckled Frogs, and Springtime on Washington (inspired by Cherry Blossoms, of course).

You may have noticed a few new colorways: Bad Moon Rising (top picture) and the Reluctant Dragon, inspired by Ernest Shepard's book about a dragon who was reluctant to fight. We all know taht is very un-dragonlike behavior:) Looks like these will be keepers, and will probably appear at the Loopy Ewe during the next update, as well as on my shop. Actually, the reluctant dragon is there now:)
So, let me tell you what is coming up for Dragonfly Fibers in the next month or so. Right now, we are on spring break. The best part about that is getting to sleep in a little and waking up with children in my bed (until they start bickering, that is:) We will be going to Boston for Easter weekend so the boys can go to a few Celtics games and the girls will, well, probably shop. I know we'll go the the North End, and Harvard Square, and maybe Faneuil Hall, and to the park where the ducklings live. I wonder if they still have swan boats like the do in the book? Any other ideas?
I have my first Big show at the end of the month in Atlanta: Stitches South. Still haven't figured out exactly how I'm travelling there, but I do know I'll be in booth #541, catty corner from the KnitWitch and the Sanguine Gryphon. Nice neighborhood, huh? Also, I'll be next to the Whole 9 Yarns, where I bought my awesome trindle last year and near Miss Babs. I think it will be fun!
I have plenty of dyeing to do for that!
The following weekend is the fabulous Maryland Sheep and Wool Show, where i will again have yarn with Cloverhill's booth. I will probably be at the booth for a few hours, maybe Sunday morning? Very exciting! My big purchase this year? A plying head for my lendrum, as i traded my big monster off to Steph. And big congratulations go to Steph, as she actually made the waiting list at MDSW. Can't wait.
As I'll be dyeing for wholesale this month, the shop will be updated once more, Sunday, April 10th at 6 pm. Keep your eyes peeled!
One more thing in this post of randomness: thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Homespun Yarn Party! It was great to meet everyone, and a great first show for me. Thanks so much to the organizers of the show; you guys did a great job! There are pictures, but they still need to come off my camera, so hopefully more later:) Happy spring!

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