Things you will and will not see at Homespun Yarn Party next Sunday

You will see plenty of yarn, particularly Naiad, Djinni, and Dragon Sock. This skein of Canyon Flower will most likely be there.

You will not see Cody, playing up the cute.

You will also see plenty of beautiful spinning fiber, like this Merino-Silk roving in Heroine (that's with an "e")! In fact, perhaps I can convince my lovely daughter to make some more mini batts. I will try.

You will not see grumpy Trudgey but you will see some Nekkid cone ends for dyeing and fair isling and such. This is our latest shipmant of Djinni, ready for skeining and dyeing for your knitting and hugging pleasure:)

You will see more of yarn dyed in the new colorway Bad Moon Rising, my dyed version of a temper tantrum. It's been a rough few weeks, resulting in some big decisions and lots of great support from my friends. We will be re-arranging life a bit here at Dragonfly Headquarters, but one thing I keep coming back to is that i love dyeing yarn, and knitting it. So I'm planning to find a way to keep is a art of my life.

You will not see the dynamic duo in action. You must stay tuned here for that.

Look at that cute spotted belly! He'll be getting his hiatal hernia fixed when he gets neutered in a week or two.
You will see special Dragonfly Fibers mugs and ultra cute shopping bags:) You will also see their designer, graphics queen extraordinaire Laura Blueswirlie, and lots of awesome friends of the Dragonfly, such as Elizabeth Eutrapelia and hopefully Team Dragonfly member Karen KcinMd. I believe I'll be next to LOOP (can't wait to see you Steph!) and I know you won't forget Gryphon and Sarah!
Finally, Hell may freeze over before you see the lovely Jack at a show, but you will very likely see the Mermaid, and perhaps even some girl scout cookies, if she is so inclined:)
This will be so much fun! Can't wait!
Now some brief Dragonfly news is in order. I am not planning to update the shop until after the show; in fact the shop will be closed for that day, and the next while we conduct our post-show inventory. I will be changing the update schedule, perhaps going to alternating Friday and Sunday nights. I know different times work for different people, so I want to honor this.
I have noticed that i seem to be putting inventory on the shop faster than people can purchase, resulting in a slowly building up inventory that eventually costs alot in etsy fees to maintain. I may slow down the updating schedule to twice a month, or I may retire listings after a time. Not sure. The yarn all eventually does sell, both at shows and through the shop. Perhaps twice a month updates combines with more miniclubs? Working on this:) Any feedback is welcome! I will also post this on the Rav group.
SPRING COLORWAYS! I plan to develop these this week after dyeing the Naiad miniclub tomorrow. There have been some amazing inspirations and it has been very hard to choose. If you haven't seen them, go to the thread on ravelry and look. They will make you feel good! If you're not on Ravelry. Go join. then "friend" me, ok? Spring really will come again! I am still hoping that I can unveil them at the Homespun Yarn Party, but we shall see how that goes:) Luckily, Laura will be here for tagging and skeining and such on Saturday. Ok, time to get off the computer. See you next week!