Nothing like someone else's vacation pictures, huh?

Team Dragonfly's fearless (feckless?) Captain took her family to her beloved Boston for Easter and brought you nothing back but these pictures:) In addition, we have sore calves from force marching our children all over town ("Dad, can we take a cab?") as well as a headache from the whining:)

The mermaid did take a lovely video of Mr. Mallard for colorway research purposes:

I also found some inspiration there. The Public Garden is still as wonderful as it always was.

Steph reminded me to show them the Charles River. She's right; it is a nice river:) We wandered the halls of the Biology building at MIT, mostly looking for a water fountain. Somehow, we all felt a little smarter after that:)

I also dragged the crew into Cambridge and Somerville to Inman Square where i used to live and work, The East Coast Grill is still there, 20 years later. We missed lunch by a few minutes, but it still smelled amazing in there.

And look at these two, all dressed in there Easter Sunday best. The duckling is definitely fancier than the boy, although he looked sharp in a coat and tie the night before when we went out to dinner at Strega in Boston's North End. Such a vibrant place! We had so much fun hanging out in the street drinking espresso and eating pastry after dinner.

And now, as you can see, the party's over.

We have gone back to work here at Dragonfly Headquarters. Stitches South is coming up in a few weeks (April 22-25th to be exact). The lovely Jack and I are reviewing our options for transport. Looks like I'll caravan with Sarah and her minions for extra fun and also some driving help. The mermaid will be flying down to Atlanta to help me over the weekend; how great is that? Now, just need to dye enough yarn to fill the booth, as well as the May Color Coop shipment. (Go vote now! Actually, you can only vote if you are in the club, but you can join at any point, if you want. )
MDSW will be awesome this year! Not only will I have yarn at the the fabulous Cloverhill Booth
(hey look, they featured me today:) Thanks you guys:), but the lovely Steph of LOOP fame has just scored a booth too! Stay tuned, and I'll let you know the number. I'll be in the Cloverhill Booth just inside the main barn on Saturday afternoon, and then I'll be working Steph's booth the rest of the time-that i'm not wandering around spending money on spinning equipment and goodies.
So much to dye; so little time! Now off to finish my Club Dragon Witch sock design so i can ship April's club off already!