There and back again

I think I may have used this title before but this ripoff of Bilbo Baggin's story is just too appropriate. Stitches south (I told you I was going there, right?) Was amazing. It was so wonderful to have my own booth in a really big show for the first time, and I never really felt overwhelmed or alone. The Knitwitch team, brittany and Wayne Newbury, were wonderful. Not only did wayne build me a gorgeous and perfect display, but they set it up for me before I even got there! (links later:) There are pictures of them, and i will streal them from her flickr to show you:)

Katey WAS Team Dragonfly-Atlanta, except she did more than me, really. Set me up, worked the booth so i cd pick up the mermaid at the airport, hung out with us, broke my booth down in record time, you name it. You should see this woman rock a cordless drill! Thank you katey! She also brought some swag to sell in my booth, which was really helpful. her stitch markes brought people into the booth, which was really great. Yay, Katie!

Anyway, it's MDSW weekend, and I'll be working all weekend at the new LOOP booth (go look where the old auction tent was-she's in between, Kid hollow farm, and Carol Leigh's booth.) Full of awesomeness; come see. i'll also be at Cloverhills Yarns' booth-right inside the door of the main building/barn? on the right side. Lots of great indies will be featured there, including my yarns and fibers:) Hurray for jolene!

So I'm going to show you pictures in random order of the many great things from last weekend, but not all.

I met one of my customers, the lovely Jennie Raymond who brought in a wonderful pile of socks made from my yarns and a shawl she is making, too. Check out the kn ock out sweater she has on; haven't had a chance to check, but she got the pattern from twist Collective.

There's Katey doing her magic. She made my booth look great! And she's more fun to be around than, well, most people. i miss her already!

Katey, Laurie (she rocked my booth tear-down with Katey:), Tammy, Miss Babs, and Sarah, with whom i drove down and back. Well, Sarah and rachel and Noelle from Team SG.

Here is the lovely Noelle, all Steam Punked out. Do you know she runs a circus camp for kids? That is all kinds of awesome!

Cody did not go, but this is his face when I returned: "Please never leave me again!"

Sarah, all jaunty and Steam Punk hanging out in the SG booth.

And, drumroll please, Rachel learning to spin on a Trindle from the Trindle man himself, Jeremy Armstrong (I think this is right; I thought it was Trindle:) Best spindle ever! Oh, and do you know why this is cool? Cause Rachel, who is number one on the SG team, right behind Gryphon and Sarah, only just learned to knit!

Sorry for the randomness; i will do better next time i swear:)