Shop Update Tonight (and other updating as well)

I knew May was going to be a busy month, but wow! As you know, Stitches was awesome. Maryland Sheep and Wool was hot, sticky, and stinky and also awesome. I mostly worked in the LOOP booth for my lovely friend Steph Gorin, who did a great job in her first big show ever. I also volunteered in the Cloverhill Yarns booth, pimping my yarns and chit chatting with the hoards of people who came to Jolene's booth. Jolene has done a great job for three years now showcasing us indie yarn dyers and I really appreciate the exposure.

In terms of purchases, I was relatively restrained. I did go see my favorite fleece pusher, Deborah Curry of the Clearing at Curry farms, otherwise known as the paper bag lady. She sells some amazing corrie and cormo fleeces, and breaks them down into manageable 1.5 to 2 lb increments. The fleece is so soft and clean and the staple length is incredibly long. Yum!

The only other thing i became enamored of was a rug hooking kit (need to check the source). Really nice lady, beautiful work. What? I don't need another hobby? I can't imagine what you mean! This is cool, though and I have been fascinated with rug hooking for some time. And it's not a loom. I really don't need to start that.

Other than woolie things, I have been doing lots of things with my girlie. Last weekend I had the pleasure of going on a retreat with her a bunch of other 7th graders who are being confirmed this year. Delightful kids, fascinating age, but so emotional! The machinations and manipulations of some of these kiddies are really something. On a not so hot note, i came home exhausted to find that my dad, who has had his share of medical issues, has been diagnosed with a cancer in the neck (NOT esophagus, and NOT lymphoma) and that my family is in turmoil.

Yes, there has been some freaking out, but to get things in perspective, it appears that the cancer is farily early and well contained and we are all supporting one another and him fairly well. he was in surgery for a really long time yesterday and is recovering fine. Giving the ICU nurses hell, but that is par for the course. We all need a little leeway now, so if I seem to have forgotten something, REMIND me, please!

On to knitting, I have actually finished a few things. Above is my mermaid modelling my Citron, in Reluctant Dragon Naiad Sock yarn. I followed the pattern exactly, and used up the entire skein of yarn. It is adorable, and will make a lovely scarfy to tuck in a coat, or to dress up a t-shirt. Next up is In the Garden by Ilga Leja. Not sure which yarn yet.

And don't forget the boy child. He played in a bball tournament last weekend. He's much, much better, as is his team, but they still lost all three games. But lost them much better:)

Nice intensity, though, don't you think?

This weekend, we are all home. We'll be celebrating and saying good bye to our friends the Killians. They are our adopted family, and moving to California. I feel like I'm losing a limb.
Next week, I'm off to Easton to help the Sanguine Gryphon with their dye camp. I can't wait to see and spend time with my buddies, especially Laura (Blueswirly) and Nikki (kurokids). And of course, the whole SG crew. I'll be doing some teaching, and some facilitating. Hopefully some coffee drinking and knitting and catching up too:) So that's it for us. Hopefully, next time I'll have new studio pics for you:)