It can now be officially summer because we have Summer colors

This time, i tried to keep it simple with three seasonal colorways. First, we have Firecracker, inspired by Tammy (syracuse)
Watermelon Head, inspired by stephanieg
and Meadow, which is a mishmash of inspirations. I started with sammysmith's glass of lemonade, SusanfromAthens' lunch in the shade (the water!), and blueswirly's green mandarin goby, and things took on a will of their own. I love this color madly, and hope I can recreate it:)

I did save a few pictures for later, cause they were just too good, and am thinking an Amber Bock wd be an amazing colorway as i develop my palette of Browns. So, watch the Ravelry group for the next few days for contest winners, ok?
Now, I hope you will enjoy a few pool pictures. My girl is having a good summer, both in and out of the pool. She has been swimming 4 events in the Saturday A meets, which is quite an accomplishment for my gentle mermaid. Also, just worked a s a counselor at vacation bible camp and I believe she and the second graders really enjoyed one another. Breaststroke is her best stroke.
Aquaboy is on the younger end of a very strong age group, so he isn't winning everything like last year, but he is having a great time and working hard on getting faster:) See how huge he is?

Thanks for humoring me:) I may be a bit slow to respond and post for the next couple weeks as i entertain and take care of family, but I'll be back!