Today is my Birthday!

Cue the Beatles:) At least that is on my personal soundtrack in my head. In celebration of my birthday, the temperature will reach a mind numbing 105 degrees, at least according to the heat index. Also, in celebration, the final dive meet of the season will be held for all those divers that did not make divisionals (quite a few, considering). I will be taking my son and a bunch of his 9 year old friends to go dive. Ruffians, all. I will be watching from the pool, perhaps taking out my In the Woods shawlette to knit at times.

You might be able to see a picture of my almost completed In the Woods, but the computer gods, also in honor of my birthday apparently, have decided to kill the computer that I load the pics with. This does not bode well for my Sunday update... Actually, it was working fine until the guys from the power company came and switched the power off to mess with the wires. Maybe they weren't from the power company? Maybe they put an evil virus in my computer, just for fun? Stay tuned:)

In the meantime, I am planning (hoping?) to update my etsy shop on Sunday, July 25th at 4 pm est. I'll have summer colorways, Squishy Lace, a few B-sides (one Crazy Love, a B-side to a B-side:) And to celebrate my big day, i'll be offering free shipping for most of the week. This will be my last update, probably until after school starts again. Next update, sometime in September will include two returning favorite yarn bases. I'll tell you about those later. One, however, should be in stock at Fibrespace in alexandria any minute now.

Why only one update for the rest of the summer? Cause Team Dragonfly is road tripping to Chicago for Stitches Midwest! We'll be in Booth 825. Not only will we have fabulous dragonfly yarns and spinning fibers, but we will be offering some wonderful patterns to use with these yarns. Think WestKnits, Dangercrafts, through the Loops, Heirloom Knitting and some other cool things that only I can get. And that's all I'm telling you now, but check back because there's more!

Happy Birthday everyone! (p.s. computer back working; update gods have prevailed.) See you Sunday!