Distracting you with pool pictures again

Plenty going on here at Dragonfly Headquarters. Mostly dyeing yarn and fiber for Stitches Midwest with a little wholesale on the side. Actually, if you are local, you should stop by fibrespace, as she has a new batch of Djinni, and Squishy Lace, as well as a new yarn that I haven't introduced to you yet. I would do so today, but pictures are a problem. my computer that I load pics onto has decided not to be fixed yet. the lovely Jack is trying, but no luck yet.

Instead, i give you Droid photos of our re-scheduled and moved to a new location swim banquet. Behold, my princess in her "Tinkerbell dress". Cute, isn't she? It's sparkly, too, and we found it in a Thrift store. Hurray for Value Village!

The boy wore his fedora, which he wore to a "So you think you can dance" competition at the pool earlier. It must give him extra dancing mojo, because he won that one. Here he was just having fun:)

Only a few more weeks, and DragonflyFibers is taking a road trip to Chicago!