On the road to Stitches Midwest and some surprise new yarn introductions

First, the lovely Jack and I leave for our big roadtrip to the heartland on Tuesday morning. we'll take a couple days to get there, so we can relax and enjoy each others' company for a bit and then he'll help me set up and fly home Friday. Still has exams:(

Never fear, Karen my Number One (as in "Make is so...") will be arriving to do the show with me and help me drive home. So come on down and see us at booth 825. There is an excellent map here in PDF and here in excell, if you prefer.

And what else will I be bringing? Some excellent spindles, called Trindles. Made by a science teacher in Georgia, they spin better than anything else thanks to perfect balance and are stunning! Each one has 3 graphite arms with a weight at the end, usually a glass or metal bead (I have sea glass and pewter beads for my own personal trindles) attached to a shaft made of some gorgeous and sustainable wood. I'll be demonstrating them in my booth, so come by and try one, ok?

Also, I'll have fabulous stitchmarkers from CircusGirl. Sorry, I have no picture, but I'll tell you my favorite one right now is a little red and white polka dot mushroom. Very cute, and who doesn't need pretty stitch markers? Speaking of Sanguine Gryphon (Noelle works with Sarah at SG Baltimore), I'll have their patterns for Dance (and btw, have you seen their new site? Nice!) They don't usually wholesale, but it is me, after all. And why do I need patterns for Dance?

Please welcome back an old friend. SG has discontinued this unque yarn, but we have decided to bring it back. Fiber content is 100% silk noil, making it particularly nice for summer and early fall knitting and wearing. If you haven't touched this yarn, which we are calling Dance Rustic Silk, before, it is similar to linen but softer.

At 450 yds in a 4 oz skein, Dance Rustic Silk is a fingering weight and perfect for summer shawls and wraps, and summer tops. Feels great on the skin, and is not at all hot. It takes color as a solid, or semisolid and colorways often look completely different from the way they look on wool. Above is Velvet Underground. And below is Heroine. Until September, you must purchase Dance Rustic Silk at Fibrespace in Alexandria (or come to Stitches:)

And... while we are bringing back old friends, remember Gaia? With 65% silk, 35% cashmere, it is so soft and drapey. If you are an SG fan, then you already know it is back, but one thousand times better than before. It is soft, and very strong thanks to a tighter twist.

So, come see me in Booth 825 at Stitches Midwest and check out the new/old yarns. Or learn to spin. Or just come say hi, ok?