And we have winners!

Hello from Fall, 2010! Please give a warm welcome to our brand new, customer-inspired seasonal colorways, with my apologies for being a tad late. The fall colors were out meeting the people at Shenandoah Valley Fiber fest this past weekend, and I am just finished unpacking. More on the fun there later.

As always, I had so many gorgeous photo's and ideas that it was tough to choose. This lovely is Turning Leaves, inspired by this shot from Connie and a beautiful tree with changing leaves from Molly.

Pumpkin Head is a colorway that i've made in the past, but Caryn brought it back with this shot:)

Fresh Olives might be my favorite from this season, based on Susan's lovely shot. I cdn't figure out how to link to it, but you should go see it in the contest thread on Ravelry. This color may need to become a fall sweater for me!

Inspired by Mette's very cool mushroom picture, we have Mushroom Hunting. Not an activity I've ever done in the Fall, but I've certainly fantasized about it. And i LOVE "wild" mushrooms:)

Finally, inspired by Susan's shot of a bouquet from her visit to the Fair, we have County Fair.
I think you will enjoy knitting fall items with this one. Five colorways is alot, but I love the way these came out.

There were a few other pictures I really liked but didn't translate well to kettle-dyed yarn. Don't give up on the Halloween-themed color. I may still release one a bit closer to the big holiday. My favorite!

Laura Blueswirly will run the rng, perhaps when she is home this evening and announce the winners on the "news" thread. I should also mention that the colorway Peach Melba was also suggested by Caryn; I will be donating 30% of sales tot he American Cancer society in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month (October). Starting Friday, I'll create a listing in the shop for it in Djinni and dragon, as well as some Spinning Fiber (requests?) Thank you so much for your ideas and photos; I love what has come from them and i hope that you do too:)

Now, onto our fabulous weekend at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival in Berryville, VA. I decided kind of at the last minute to apply for this show, becasue i wanted to do a local show with my girlie. She enjoys working these festivals and being surrounded by all things fibery, and does such a great job for me. And i love the shenandoah, especially in the fall. Brings back such great memories of my 'youth" (I'm still young, right?)

We wound up having a booth in the Dairy Barn, as the fest has been growing for the last few years and had no more indoor spots available. Our neighbors included Angora bunnies, and the cutest Alpaca babies, and their very lovely people. Also we were very lucky to be across from Connie Delameter of Delly's Delights, who shared her considerable show experience with me and who was a delight to hang out with. She also hooked my mermaid up with some spinning fiber when she got the spindling bug after watching me show folks how to use the Trindle over and over again.
We had a great dinner with Kate of Serendipitous Ewe. I think my girlie is ready to adopt her a a big sister; she even came by and stayed with her at my booth a bit on Sunday so i cd go wander. Thank you Kate! Keep an eye out for some cool collaborations between me and she and Angela. With their colors involved, you know it will be pretty.

I converted many local knitters to the cult of the Trindles, including my own daughter, unintentionally. Probably my favorite moment was when she came back to the booth after some wandering around time and said, "Mom, I'm turning into you. I just spent all of my earnings on yarn and fiber!" That's my girl!