Is it just me, or is time speeding up?

Here we are at September again, somehow. Bam, we are back in the crazy, crazy school year schedule. With a few important changes. Mainly, I'm only working one job and not constantly running between home and the hospital. And it's better. Way better. My kids are happier, and more relaxed, and, therefore, i'm happier and more relaxed. So, keep buying yarn everyone!

Somehow, even though I haven't even started the fall colorways yet, i have been dyeing new colors like crazy. They just keep coming:) I have been thinking about companion colorways lately. Semisolid colorways to coordinate with more varigated ones. Like these two: Coral Reef
and Sunshine Daydream. And you are right if you are thinking, "that Coral Reef colorway likes an aweful lot like Meadow". I re-named it. I developed that colrway with coral reefs in mind, and Meadow just wasn't working for me. So there you go, sometimes names do matter:)

The next companions are Titania and Oberon. You know that disobedient Fairy queen and her jealous husband? You know the reference, I'm sure. One of my favorite pairs. In New Orleans, they appropriately named a Mardi Gras ball after Oberon. I think Titania deserves the same.

Bad Moon Rising and Black Pearl are, for me, another pair worth considering. Imagine the striping possibilities here, or doing a border or edging in the semisolid, and the body of the piece in the varigated. I am planning on doing Ancient Bark by Ilga Leja in one of these combinations. I like them all so much i can't decide:)

Speaking of Back pearl, let me introduce another colorway for the "Pearl series". This is a pink pearl colorway that i am calling Flannel pajama's. That is just what it wanted to be named. Dyed the same as Black and Arctic pearl, but not so pearly. Much more like your favorite pair of soft pink pj's. Titania is also dyed in that style, but clearly she had a mind of her own as well. just couldn't be Sagey Pearl:)

This dark color is named Sleepy Hollow. I have been working with a bunch of new dye colors lately, trying out the new Dharma dyes. Sleepy Hollow is full of deep dark secrets, and has me thinking about Headless Horsemen riding in the night.

This beauty was inspired by a customer, crazidazi, who suggested a pink colorway for Breast Cancer awareness month. This seems particularly appropriate for me this year, as my father has been struggkling with treatment for neck cancer. He is, by the way, doing well. recovering now from the surgery and very intensive radiation and chemo and is visiting us this weekend to get a grandchild fix. I know that I am not talking about breast cancer here, but this is the first time the disease has touched my life in such a personal way.
So, I have decided to donate 30% of sales of this colorway, Peach Melba, to the American Cancer society. This colorway will first be a available next week at the Shenandoah ValleyFiber Fest. Don't forget to come see me in the dairy barn if you will be in the area. What cd be better? the Shenandoah in the fall, at leaf changing time, with fiber and yarn and animals? I'll be in booth 14. After i return, I'm planning to do a miniclub and will definitely be offering Peach Melba in both yarn and spinning Fiber.

So, where does one buy all of these new colorways? i just sent a nice big batch over to Sheri at The Loopy ewe, so keep an eye out in the next few weeks if you can't get to the fiber fest next week. I'll be doing an etsy shop update on Friday, October 8th, after we do inventory following the show. Of course, I will have new colorways and fall colorways for that update, and will open the Yarn and Fiber Miniclub at that time.

To change the subject, did you receive my first newsletter? My dear friend and high priestess of marketing, Laura of Blueswirly fame is cooking the next one up. in fact, there will be a coupon for those of you who will be visiting me at SVFF next weekend. I am very excited about this new way to interact with customers, and it looks great. Not surprisingly, considering who makes it:) Go here if you want to sign up.

That's enough for now. need to go hang with my dad:)
Soon to come:
October Club DragonWitch shipment (I suppose it is appropriate that the "witch" got October:)
Mini club starting 10/8
SAFF 10/22-24

edited to keep surprises as they should be (don't tell:)