Random Bits Upon Return from SAFF

After much excitement, aquaboy is learning to actually play the cello. Note the extra hip hop accoutrements; do we have a new genre here? The good thing about the cello? it makes a good sound no matter what:)

Before leaving for SAFF, I dyed a metric ton of fiber. Mostly for Completely Twisted and Arbitrary October Spin A Long, but also for a small, quickie fiber miniclub cause I said i would:) no worries, i'll do it again:) I dyed two colorways on two different fiber types (sea monster and untreated blue face leicester):

greatest show on earth on bfl
indian corn on sea monster
If you haven't been paying attention, Sea Monster Roving is 50% silk tussah, 30% superwash wool, and 20% sea cell. Sea cell is a cellulose fiber made from sea weed. Adds shine and spins similarly to silk. So, when i open the shop (later today? or tomorrow), I'll have plenty of this great stuff for purchase. Oh, and go join the group, cause the folks are awesome and it's fun.

Now, I returned from Asheville on monday evening, many thanks to That Rachel from Sanguine Gryphon. Yes, I had the pleasure of Rachel's assistance and company with driving and booth set up and tear down. And thank goodness, because i would never have made it home otherwise:) I slept and she drove most of the way home. Most of my house still looks like this:

Poor spinning wheel. We'll be re-united some day:) We have done inventory, however, so I can re-open the shop. An actual update with new goodies is to be determined, but i will update this post and hopefully send a newsletter out as soon as I have things "sussed".

So SAFF. My most favorite show of the year. I love the mountains, and the turning leaves, and the Rhododendrons dripping in the autumn rain. The weather was perfect this year, for the first time in my experience. The people are wonderful, particularly Rachel's buddies Liz and Jason who put me up for a night in their massage cottage. Heaven. The vendors are all terrific and the customers are fabulous. This time i met Susan of Susan's fiber Shop, who took all of my unsold roving to SOAR with her. She was lovely, despite being inundated with customers until the bitter end. I also enjoyed meeting Kate of Tot Toppers and Carri of Full of Fluff, who both carry the cutest kid (and some adult) patterns ever. I bought, and immediately started knitting Kate's Dindy Beret in my Dragonberry Traveller. See?

I took exactly zero pictures from the moment I left home until i returned, so my plan is to distract you with pictures of my projects and such. So you will not see pictures of my awesome friends, roomies and booth babes, Katey and Laurie. Thank you so much! I have two words for you (at the top of my lungs): HEDGEHOG JAMMIES!

Nor will you see pics of my booth, which the wonderful Brittany and Wayne of Knit Witch helped set up and tear down. But you can see the sweater i am finally knitting with the yarn I have spun from my Knit Witch Melanza roving. You may recall that i am knitting Veronique Avery's Offset Raglan with my handspun. Love knitting with handspun!
I am also knitting Ilga Leja's Ancient Bark my Coral Reef Djinni Sock, which is a lovely moebius wrap that I first saw modeled by Jen of Miss Babs fame. It is always great to see Jen and Babs, and their amazaing yarns. I refrained from buying more yarn and spinning fiber, but i did score a few cool needles and some great looking patterns. Brittany and I are already talking about Club Dragonwitch for next year and i have some great ideas for designers thanks to all the great folks i saw this year.

See the pretty bag I am carrying this project in? This one (and the three others i bought) were made by Jennifer Fleury of Lingering Spring and Fleury Sheep and Wool fame.
Do you not love this bag? It's brilliant, and of course, the sugar skull fabric is to die for! But the other thing that Jen and her husband Jared do (aside from raising their own sheep and chickens, and working full time) is process fiber and spin yarn. I brought them 5 fleeces to process, including the Dan-Vir Cormo and Corrie I bought at SAFF last year. I figure it will take them a while to get to these, because i was not the only crazy spinner and fleece buyer flooding their booth with woolies.
The cormo will just be washed, beause i want it still in the lock to mess with. I am currently hand processing a cormo fleece for Steph and I think this one experience may be enough for a life time. Amazing stuff but so! greasy! I had to wash each little batch 4 times in half a bottle of Prell each. It's pretty though:)

Last project is my Through the Loops Mystery Sock Along in Pumpkin Head. I have managed to stay somewhat current with it, but i do need to get started on the foot. I like the Tiny Trowels stitch pattern. Very fun to work.

I am leaving you with some pictures of our rainy fall day and some things to think about.

Watch my Ravelry group for the opening of the Fall Sweater Miniclub and KAL. I have to check a few things before i officially open the thread, but I have plenty of Traveller, Dragon Worsted, and Blue Face Leicester Worsted (non-superwash) ready to dye! So please come by and weigh in on the colorways you'd like to see.