Greetings from post-Thanksgivingland!

I hope your holiday was all that you hoped for. My wishes were for lots of family time, and plenty of knitting and spinning. I must say, that, while it wasn't all wonderful (damn human nature sometimes!), I had all of that and more. Here the mermaid is bathing the pup after a long lovely dog walk in the woods, complete with a swim for the swimming dog. Cody (pictured) really wants to be a swimming dog, but he's still working on it, as shown by lots of whining and crying at big dog with his little front paws in the freezing water. And back paws firmly on dry land.

i finally finished my first Through the Loop's '10 Mystery Sock. It was languishing next to my bed, waiting for a toe graft for a good month at least. It is unblocked here, and knit in Pumpkin Head Djinni. I will definitely knit the next one cause it was lots of fun; it just may need to wait for Christmas knitting to end.

yes, Christmas knitting. That yearly ritual for us knitters that invites us to cast reason to the wind and explore our limits. i have still to finish my sister in law's hat from last year. In fact, better put that on the list... I'm not planning much, and have already finished a very soft and cosy gift of love for my sweet little brother, who has had a tough year. We all know that urge in our knitters genetic make up to emvelope our dear ones in comfort with our knitting. I hope he loves it:)
The big puffy skein of handspun above is a merino thick and thin single spun from roving dyed by master weaver and spinner and dyer Dedri Quillen at the insanely great farmer's market in Las Cruces, while staying with my dad during his cancer treatment this summer. She really does do all that, and beautifully, and is a lovely human, too. Hopefully, on my way back through, i can get together with her to spin. I plan to make my pop a gift with the skein, for his place in New Mexico. Dedri told me that her inspiration for dyeing the roving came from sunset in the Las Cruses desert.
My pop is proud of his adopted state, so I think he'll like it.
I want to shift gears and share with you this awesome camera case custom made for my Lumix by Becky of This Chickadee. I always love her work when I see it at Crafty Bastards and at Fibrespace, and emailed her to ask for a custom case. I traded her a skein of Peach Melba djinni. I'm pretty sure i made off like a bandit. It's so cute, and has lots of padding so i can carry my camera around all of the time rolling around my knitted purse along with all of the other crazy things in there. Now it's safe.
And while I'm saying thank you, many many thanks to Jolene at Cloverhill Yarn Shop. The trunk show is over for now, but it went so well, i'm hoping to make it a holiday tradition. Thanks so much to everyone who came over to check out my yarns and support one terrific Baltimore yarn shop. I really enjoyed hanging out there last sunday, meeting knitters and eating some killer muffins. Yum! next post, I'll show you the new pattern sample Clockwork Shawl, knit with speed and grace by the incomparable Gwynneknits. Amazing.
Once Terri and I complete a current inventory count, I'll be ready to do shop update. Sunday at 4pm sound good? More than likely i'll take down some of the current yarns in the etsy store
so go get 'em!.

Next post, I'll come back with sales totals of colorway Peach Melba. It's high time i figure out my donation to American cancer Society in honor of ny dad. I am planning on including November's sales in the total, just because it's really hard to do too much good.