I am wildly excited. There is a box in my living room. A big one and I believe it contains the future of Dragonfly Fibers. It certainly contains a bunch of yummy shaded bfl/silk and Polwarth! roving, which i can hardly wait to begin dyeing. I am waiting for Karen, my number one, to come drink tea, knit, and paw through it.

While I am waiting, let me update you on my Cassis progress. The mermaid and aquaboy had a swim meet this weekend, so there was plenty of time to knit (but no kittens:) (scroll down till you see the kitten). I have knitted 5-6 inches on the raglan increases, aren't they pretty?

This is a great pattern. Not only is the sweater itself beautiful, but Thea Colman has written the instructions clearly, with just the right amount of detail. No wonder it has been featured so long on rvelry's pattern page. Also, the knitting is fun. The stockinette sections make the knitting fast and easy, and are broken up by simple lace repeats on the fronts and on the lower part of the back. The knit one purl one edging makes the most flattering line possible. I might actually finish this lovely piece. Maybe even this winter.

Also, I am loving this yarn. The blue face worsted is everything one wd want the a sweater yarn to be: soft, springy, drapey at the right gauge. And feels like heaven to my fingers. I have a little more in the shop, but clearly, i must list more! The Winter Woods colorway sold out during the update Friday night, but don't worry, I will make more!

If you like the Blue Face Worsted, please note that you can win a few skeins and do something really good for a small farmer whose barn burned down:( An organic one at that. Go see Juniper Moon Farm to help him out.
As I am attempting to master the art of a quickie post, I will leave you with a link to a video of my son and his buddies practicing for the variety show try out. Super cute!