Ice Day and Next Update Announcement

Now that Terry is on the team as the Bookkeeper extraordinaire and queen of money and etsy listings, someone else is taking pictures at the studio. Usually, she grabs the little camera when Finn does something adorable, but occasionally, she shoots other action around here. At least once a year, i wind up dyeing in the snow. i suspect it will be more this year, as we are all having more "weather". At any rate, this is what winter dyeing looks like. At least 4 layers on top, and two pairs of pants. Heavy wool socks under my ll bean boots.
And this is what the deck looks like today. Unfortunately, i'v only dyed most of January's miniclub, not all of it, so i may let it warm up a bit and get out there. Despite the ice, it's in the upper 30's today. Downright balmy.

My dragonfly biggification efforts continue. The biggest component is the opening of a brand new website, with blog and shopping cart integrated. Right now, i'm looking at Big Cartel, which charges in the neighborhood of $30/mo as compared to the $150 - 200 that i am paying etsy right now to have a shop that is even somewhat full. My dream is to have an online store that actually represents what i have in inventory so people can actually buy it.

My lovely friend and high priestess of marketing Laura Blueswirly has already created for a me a new font, and is updating my logo as we speak. What do you think? Website design is next. And we have a deadline.
Now, onto the yarn! And the knitting. This beautiful Flamboyan show sample was knitted by dragonfly and friend Susan Enger, or Auntissy on Ravelry in Mushroom Hunting and Norbert Djinni. My show booth is going to be amazing! I will say the color is a bit off; luckily for all of us i'll be getting a tutorial on more accurate color photo's very soon. Important for the website, too!

This fuzzy beauty is a silly cowl that i made from some amazing cormo fleece that i processed for my friend Steph. (have you SEEN her bullseys batts? Oh my wooly soul, but they are amazing:) I dyed it in December Baby shades, and spun it from the lock. i get the cormo thing now. wow! The softest, silkiest fiber of any kind i have ever touched. And probably the only wool i can wear anywhere near my neck.

Finally, my next shop update will be this Friday, january 12 at 9 pm eastern. Keep an eye out for what i'll be putting in it, ok?