No sleepin' on the job!

Silly kitten! Finn is no dummy though, and that keyboard is nice and warm. So what if his help isn't always so helpful:)

He is now officially 10 weeks old, and growing into such a sweet and playful boy. Last night, he and the boy child went to bed together in a big pile. Sometimes he bites his nose in the middle of the night, but then, who wouldn't?

I want you to know that in my quest to embiggen Dragonfly Fibers, I have done a few cool things. Back in the summer, i contacted the very lovely Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops fame about carrying her patterns to shows. On thing led to another, and i sent her some yarn to design with. After a bit, she sent me pictures of this amazing shawl. Meet Coleus.

I think Kirsten may have created the perfect combination of pattern and yarn. Of course, her pictures, which i borrwed with her kind permission, are stunning. And she doesn't even know that I'm a gardener! This particular sample is made with Dragonfly Fibers Djinni in the Heroine colorway. I can't wait to knit it.

I think we may need a Coleus-along.

The other cool thing to share is that this book came out. I submitted a proposal for a design back in the early days before i even had determined exactly what woolie thing i was going to focus on. It took a while, but Little Red Riding Hoodie is now published. Oops, looks like we need a picture for its Ravelry page. This pattern is a cable and lace hooded cardigan, knit in the the very luscious Rowan Cashsoft DK. Yummy stuff. I knit the sample at a very tight gauge to get the cables to pop, but this may be less necessary with a yarn with a bit more texture.

The Lace pattern is a shetland pattern that i really enjoyed and i love the way the plaited cables look. Of course, you can't see the details in this very fun picture, but I do love the way Debbie Stoller's team styled the shot. There are tons of great looking and interesting patterns in this book, and as the call for patterns went out a few years ago, you can see the evolution of some talented and well-known designers.

Take Gryphon Perkins, for example. You know her, right? As you may know, we met early in our woollie careers, before she even knew she wanted to be an artisan yarn dyer. She was already published in Interweave Knits, though. And this one was soon to come! For Stitch and Bitch Superstar Knitting, she designed a sweet little horseshoe lace scarf. Go look at her designs on ravelry for the full range of wildness that she has dreamed up.

Back to the book, two of my favorites are Saxon the City :) by Julia Frank and the Fertility Blanket designed by Pamela Grossman. The Squirrelly Mitts by Elli of Elliphantom Kits are pretty awesome too! I feel honored and slightly awed to be in the company of these awesome knitters. Sadly, Debbie's book tour is not bringing her to the DC area, but go say hi, if you can. Actually, looks like she has one stop left, on February 24th in Philadelphia at the Free Library. So, check us out!