So, this is my front yard after this week's snow. We have a row of tall evergreens (shallow rooted, apparently) along the side of our house. They have not been particularly healthy, but I love standing under them in the rain and snow, and having them next to my windows makes me feel like I'm in a tree house. They also shield us from our neighbors' lovely, but enormous house. Boundaries are good:)

People, particularly my husband, have suggested cutting these trees down, but I have resisted. Now, the front two trees are laying on top of the wires from the street to our house. Shockingly, our power is on and nothing has blown up yet. Not shockingly, despite multiple reports to the power company of live wires down on the street, no one has come to deal with this mess. My husband is taking one of his many trips to the hardware store (his favorite place) to get oil for his new chain saw. i hope he's not planning to cut the trees on the power lines. interestingly, everything is working in our house, except access to the network.

As you can see, the children are not the only ones enjoying the snow. Aquaboy and I just figured out that they have been to school one day this week. No wonder I feel alittle lost! There was a little bit of dyeing the day before the fun started, for a yarn shop in Fargo, North Dakota. Boucle Yarn Studio. Yay!

All that time in the freezing house with no heat made me decide to knit some new mitts. Even as i type in the heated house, my hands are freezing, in fact. These are figure out as you go, mitts from handspun superwash blue face leicester purchased from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. One down and the cuff started on the second!

Finally, as part of my super big website plans, i have created a group on Flickr for you to share your projects created from Dragonfly yarns and spinning fiber. My hope is that the projects shared in Made with Dragonfly Yarns and Fibers will be included in a gallery page that I plan to have as part of the site. Sound like fun? Come sign up!