Order after chaos

When the dyepots are boiling and full of pretty colors, you can tell that things are becoming right with the world. There has been dyeing this past week, despite my unwillingness to shovel out the studio. I did come to wish i had shovelled when a layer of ice settled on tip of the snowy deck, and i had to resort to salt to "non-skid" the surface:) I did not dye as much as I would have liked, but that is due to conflicting purposes, as much as ice and snow.

This bad kitten and bad puppy have joined forces to wreck as many things in the house as possible. Aren't they cute, and so innocent looking?
While wrangling web hosting, and web designing issues that i know nothing about, several other growth related processes have come up. The first, which has been lurking for quite some time, is the need for a larger, and more appropriate space. I have indulged a fantasy for several years now of working in a warehouse space, with a window or two, where i can store my yarns, and equipment, and can work inside on a fabulous natural gas stove like the one in the SG studio (mad love for that beautiful piece of equipment!). This space is in my neighborhood, as I live near an industrial area, both in reality and in my fantasy world. My husband, as well as the rest of Team Dragonfly, are pushing me to make this dream come true.
It's hard, cause I'm pretty sure that i can't afford it, and because it will be alot of trouble. But wish me luck, cause I have an appointment tomorrow with a real estate agent to look at a space less than 5 minutes from my house. Certainly would solve the above snowy problem.
The other is related, as I evidently have to make a real budget for the first time. You may have figured out that i came into this business more as a person who likes to make things than as a person who is interested in and knowledgeable about businessy stuff. I like to make things. If I want to sell things, I have to actually know where my money is going, how much money i have, and how much i need. I need to know more stuff, but I'm not even sure what that is. At least, i'm choosing to believe that i really need to make a budget, and not that my lovely husband has just invented this necessity as a way to torture me. Eeek! Very scary stuff.
The good news is that the web stuff is beginning to take shape, in the form of decisions made about who will build the website, and what she will use to build it. So etsy, watch out! Less fees coming your way in the not too distant future. Anyone ever used Drupal and Ubercart? Luckily my awesome friend Katey is at the helm of the website building. Phew.
If you have ever met me at a show in the southern half of the country, chances are that you met Katey too. Or, already knew her:) So, Team Dragonfly has a great web team with Katey to make it go and Laura Blueswirly of course to make it pretty; I'm so lucky to have these too as friends anyway, regardless of the yarny stuff, and they both know me and my yarn so well. I'm excited! So look for a few changes around here, as we are UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
Speaking of etsy, I want you to know that i have updated the site as of yesterday. I am having a SALE in my shop this week, in honor of the Super bowl and St Valentines Day. Some of the yarns are sold for now, but we will continue to list sweater yarns, and red and pink yarns throughout the week, so keep checking, ok?
Bad Moon Rising Bigfoot Roving
Also, in honor of the pretty new spinning fiber i am carrying, I am having a Spinning Fiber MiniClub. Look for a thread on Ravelry to begin making your color requests for Camel Silk, shaded bfl silk (Bigfoot:), and Polwarth roving. Yum.

Winter Woods Gaia Lace

Finally, I changed a few things in my shop to make sales more consistent with reality. Local shipping is now $3.25 for the first item and .75 for the next. I actually increased some of the shipping costs for non-domestic shipping to better reflect what I am paying, with the exception of Canada. Feel free to contact me if I am charging inappropriately; I am very much a work in progress:)
Also, I am now charging sales tax for items being shipped within the state of Maryland, as etsy has made this possible now. Ok, that's enough for today:) Here's wishing you a great week!