Happy Almost St. Paddy's Day!

First, I must let you know that the pup is continuing to heal remarkably. He is now going to see his friends at the vet every other day for a bandage change (instead of every day) with the wound closing up over normal muscle tissue. Cody is returning to his old energetic, happy self and totally owns the vet's office. He is also wearing not one but two cones of shame with lots of reinforcing tape and still managed to knock his bandage off the other night. Luckily, the vet's office was open for another 20 minutes and we rushed him over.

In other news, the landlord did decide to take care of the rusty ceiling, so I find myself in the brand new situation of negotiating a commercial lease. I have to say that, despite the fact that the person i am dealing with appears to be fairly reasonable, i am finding the hard-boiled world of business to be seriously lacking in friendliness. I realize that this is a Washington, DC suburb. And that I can't get something for nothing. And that life is not all sunshine and rainbows. But why can't it be, dammit! I am not as naive as i sound (my father, who used to be a real estate guy, told me last night that the woods are full of naive people who have lost everything) and I will manage this with the help of some very smart people, but jeez! Sounds like i need more yoga, doesn't it?

Despite frustration with the knitty gritty, I am starting to get excited. We are headed into show season, of course, and i am suddenly needing even more space for the yarn i need to dye to prepare for my three spring events. So, a new studio is right on time! More space for storing raw and dyed yarn and fiber, more space for fabulous employees to do their magic, a new STOVE so i can work INSIDE, plenty of room to dry yarn, with out taking away the kids' play space, and did i mention the "dance studio mirrors"? Talk about the perfect spot for morning yoga!

So, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day (so many of us have a little Irish in us, don't we?), we will be having a Go Green Sale in the shop. I will update on Sunday, 3/13 at 4 pm eastern standard time with all of the green yarn and fiber that I have in stock as well as some other yarns and fibers i have dyed recently. All green yarns and rovings will be 20% off through March 17th, so we can all get in the spirit of spring:) Even if there is not even one tiny bit of Irish in you, come celebrate spring with me, ok?

Eastern Bluebird

My spring show season this year will begin with the fabulous Homespun Yarn Party on Sunday March 27th from 12 to 5 pm. HYP is a great party put together by some wonderful local yarn afficionados. I had my very first booth on my own last year at HYP and had such a good experience. Come see me and some of goddesses that make Dragonfly Fibers go. And buy some yarn, too:) Annnd, also I will be demonstrating and selling Trindles in my booth this year. Best drop spindle ever.

The mermaid will most likely be there; she has a swimmeet that weekend and is trying to figure how to work it out. I have also heard rumors that Serendipitous Ewe's Kate and Ang (faireattention and Angmac on Ravelry) will be coming by and bring baby Henry with them for his first fiber outing. I can't wait to hold him, and breathe in his baby smell, and maybe squish him just a little:)

Bohemian Rhapsody

I may have gone off track for a minute there. Can you tell i am baby crazy? It is all I can do sometimes to keep from grabbing strangers' babies while in line at the grocery store:)

Coming up soon after HYP is Stitches South April 14-17th in Atlanta, GA. Woohoo! I love to go down and see all of my southern buddies, and act a little silly and make friends with all those great southern knitters. The mermaid, and her Grammy, my super knitting mother in law, have just booked their tickets to come down and help me, along with the famous and wonderful Katey (kateyj on ravelry and my super webmistress). The other fabulous news is that i will have Knitwitch Yarn bowls in my booth this year, as well as the lovely and very entertaining Brittany and Wayne at times. So come by and wish him a happy birthday (I hear it's a big one:)

Final spring show (we will talk about summer later) is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. My yarns and fibers will be at the Cloverhill Yarns booth again this year in bigger quantities than ever before. I will of course be in the booth as well. Not sure when yet. I'll also be helping my friend Steph in her LOOP booth again as well; in fact, I just heard that her booth has been upgraded to the main barn. Hooray!

Finally, I want to let you know that the Late Winter Spinning Fiber MiniClub will ship this Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for playing, and I hope to see you this spring!