Hooray for Spring!

First of all, Stitches South was amazing. Atlanta was beautiful, the people were welcoming, and the knits were lovely. Jennie came by with with a pile of pretty things she had made with Dragonfly yarns, and this stunning Ardent. We hatched a very interesting plan, possibly involving Selkie:) You can see more of her pretty hand knits here.

Designer Kate Oates of Tottoppers and When I Grow Up showed off a beautiful pair of mitts she designed in Selkie (Twisty Violet mitts). Kate also designed the project for April's Club DragonWitch shipment, which, due to a stupid math error on my part, went out Friday and Saturday:) I know people will love it.

Designer Kate Oates with her Twisty Violet Mitts by DragonflyFiberDesigns

Susan Dingle of More than Knotz brought me a beautiful sample of her Summer Snowflakes sweater knit in Dance Rustic Silk. Somehow, it managed to fit me perfectly:) She and also made some sinister plans, involving Dance and this skirt pattern. Haven't you always wanted to make it?

I also met Yumiko Sakurai of Harumidori Designs, who came by to say hello. She met the mermaid, who was there with my mother in law Dorothy, and showed me pictures of her daughter, Midori. So cute! I also fell in love with her work. Go see:) Photographs are lovely too.

Now, much of the show experience involves your travelling companions. I drove down with Gryphon and her lovely assistant, and pattern coordinator extraordinaire, Jamie (seen her with her guest Marcel for the fabulous annual Scalini's dinner).

Please forgive the quality of these photos:) I'm on the road and don't have access to Photoshop. There is a story about Gryphon's exploits, as photographed by my Katey over on the SG blog.

There is also a really good picture of me over there, photographed by Katey too. Unfortunately, the one I took of her and Travis, her international man of mystery, while adorable, is of terrible quality. How cute are they? He is, by the way, a very good sport:)

I have managed to take zero pictures of my lovely mother in law and the mermaid from the show, but they were there with me and put up with all sorts of foolishness. Dorothy, much like the girlie, liked working the booth the best and both did an awesome job.

I came home to Spring Break. It's been nice to sleep in and enjoy a small departure from our intense schedule. We even took time to run the dogs and a few extra kids on a pretty sunny day in the woods. You can see Aquaboy here with the Mermaid's bff, also a swimmer.

So, what's up next?

Yay! Spring!