Greetings from the land of crazy!

Homespun Yarn party was amazing! Freezing cold outside but perfectly wooly and warm inside. Laura, Terry, and I met so many great people and enjoyed being with a bunch of old friends too! Here is Lori, HYP volunteer extraordinaire, showing off her lovely swirly knitted earrings. You also can see Patrick, or textillian on Ravelry, over her shoulder too.

The lovely Kate of Serendipitous Ewe brought Angela, her partner in crime, her Winter Woods and Poseidon Daybreak, and perhaps most importantly, her beautiful new baby Henry. She does good work, doesn't she?

Thanks so very much to Paula, Jess, Corinne, and Lindsay for organising an excellent show and to the many terrific volunteers who helped us carry, unpack, arrange, pack up again, and tote it all back to the trailer again! Hi Theresa! And a big thank you our fabulous customers who came to say hi and buy some yarn. Local shows are so great; I love seeing all of my fellow fuzz dyers too! There some excellent photos of the day in the flickr set; you should go check 'em out!

What's coming up for us dragonflies in the next few weeks?