Countdown to Maryland Sheep and Wool fest!

First weekend in May is always a big one. If I was in New Orleans, i would be deaf right now, from all of the amazing music playing all over the city for the Jazz Fest. I'll have to leave that to my family, though, cause, while the Fest is the meca for all music that matters, our sheep and wool fest is THE big party for all things wooly! Most people say only Rhinebeck can rival it for size, selection, and good vibes. And I've never been to Rhinebeck, so it's my number one.

This year, for the third straight, i'll have my yarn and fiber at the Cloverhill Yarns booth, right inside the front door to the main building on the right. I'll be there on Saturday afternoon, hangin' out. Come see me, okay? I believe that Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co will there then too. yay!

Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, i'll be with Steph in the LOOP booth, also in the main barn, just down the hall i think. And hopefully, the rest of the time, I'll be hugging friends and feeling fibers and not buying too much:) Sounds like a good plan, right?

And did you see that my buddies at the Sanguine Gryphon got into MDSW? This week.
Luckily, they've done this before (see Rhinebeck:) I believe they'll be in the main barn too. Very exciting for them. Also, my friend Lexi of Pluckyfluff has a booth this year, although i think she'll be outside. You should definitely check her out; she'll be selling her fabulous Aura wheels and running a FREE artyarn spin workshop, cause she's awesome like that. Also, the Poads of Majacraft will be hanging in her booth Saturday morning if you want to go and say hi!

Now, would you like to know why Finn is so tired? He has "dog-cat confusion". Finn has taken to going with me and the dogs on our walks in the morning. He goes up to the park, and follows us all the way around. I think he might be a thrill seeker. Last night, he came up there with us at the head of a storm. Everyone was excited and running. We do run into dogs occasionally, and he usually stands his ground. He has been treed once, and backed down the tree into my arms crying the whole way. Then he purred for a little while, and told me how scared he was, and then hopped down and went back to playing.

Silly creature.

Aquaboy went fishing with his dad and uncle; they caught a big Rockfish. Yum!

Cody seems to be returning to himself after more than two months wearing the cone of shame. Still hurts sometimes, and still terrified of trucks. Maybe a little crazier than before. Fits right in.

See you this weekend! And don't forget Stitch and Pitch next friday, May 13th!