End of school year ramblings and a shop update!

Phew! It is HOT out there. Perhaps too hot to be dyeing yarn out on the deck in the sun over pots of boiling water? Not to worry; we are tough. (And careful).

In fact, if you received my newsletter this week, you already know we are having June MiniClub for Dance Rustic Silk and Selkie Worsted.

The Mini Club started on Saturday evening and runs til this Friday sometime. How this works: I offer unlimited quantities of Dance and Selkie in a limited amount of colors, based on customer requests. The colorways in question for this round are Violetta, Red bud, Conch Shell, Moss Covered Rock, Forget Me Knot, and Land of enchantment.

You order on the thread, I lock it on Friday and start dyeing. When we get close to finished, we will ask for your paypal email and invoice you, and then send the yarn out. You can see pictures of the yarn in the Ravelry thread itself.

We are having the MiniClub partly because Dance is the perfect summer yarn. Light-weight, drapey or crisp, and like linen, softens with handling. We are also doing the MiniClub because it is time for the Dancing in the Summer Heat Knit along. This CAL/KAL is focused on Dance as the primary yarn for the project and you choose the pattern. Come join us! I actually started my project, Sparrow, back in April. And then, started it again in May. I'm a slow knitter, though, so I'll be lucky to make the deadline:)

I do have two pattern suggestions for you. Below is my lovely, reluctant Mermaid modeling Summer Snowflakes designed by Susan Dingle of More than Knotz. She knit this sample for me in the Heroine colorway. You can purchase this from her through Ravelry (see above link) or for the duration of the MiniClub, I am happy to sell it to you for 30% off (at $5). The gauge is very loose and drapey, resulting in an almost liquid movement to the garment.

My other suggestion is Louet's Sasha skirt. Sorry, still no picture:) This skirt is a lovely lacy, layered skirt originally designed for linen yarn. It has also been knit with sock yarn to great effect. Try one color or one for each layer. The good news is that, unlike Louet Euroflax and Claudia Handpainted, Dance is only $14 for a four ounce skein.

Before we move on to the antics of my kitten, and other things, i also need to tell you that we are having a SHOP UPDATE! on Friday evening. I am living on the edge, as my girlie has her 8th grade dance that night (almost in high school! totally freaking me out!) but i think Team Dragonfly can manage to get the job done. In fact, for the first time, she is too cool to have me around. I will probably post pictures of her on Facebook or Twitter in her supercute strapless dress and super tall wedges.

Okay, back to the update;) We will hopefully get pictures up on Flickr earlier that day and the update will go live at 8 pm daylight standard time. It's an early edition, because i'll need to be there for the princess at 9 pm. And probably will be the clean up crew too!

School's out next Wednesday, with the girlie's graduation on Tuesday night (after exams that day-crazy!) Of course, we have started summer swim season, and this year, the boy and girl will be swimming on their winter teams as well. Mostly, we are holding our breaths to get through til next week!

As you can see, our Finn is growing. He is now seven months old, still wrestles with Cody, walks the dogs with us (often chasing Cody while he chases the ball), strolls across the street in front of cars, greets most of the neighbors up and down the block, and plays with babies and toddlers in the park. I think we have warped him:) I am becoming convinced he has some Siamese in him somewhere. Sure has alot of personality!

Finn prefers people food to kitten food, especially meet, cottage cheese, and yogurt. And, apparently, cantaloupe! See, I've been working on getting into shape and maybe even losing a bit of weight. Daily exercise (yoga, swimming, and running once a week-with the dogs and cat of course:) and lots of fruits and veggies. I've been drinking a green smoothie every morning, combining fruits and greens and sometimes some greek yogurt and ginger. Delicious, and packed with nutrients to keep my energy up. As Finn likes to supervise me in the kitchen, he was right there to sample the ingredients.

Not shy, is he?