Quickie! And an update

Summer swim season is rolling, with mermaids and aquaboys swimming fast and often. Camps are rolling, and I'm dyeing runs of yarn in between kid pick ups and drop offs.

So much to say, so little time! My girlie is officially a high school kid now, having managed to finish middle school with half decent grades, alot of great friends, a few dance steps, and great deal more confidence.

The boy is now a big fifth grade patrol and king of the swim team (or so he believes, and thats all that matters:) Our team is known for its spirit, and we take this tradition very seriously!

I have been dying a ton of yarn for the Loopy Ewe, Fibrespace, The Yarn Club, and Sock Summit. Phew! We have located another space for the studio and are in the "oh, you mean I have to read this lease?" stage. It's much nicer in every way than the last space, and much more expensive. I will give you more details when i get a chance to sit down and write, I promise!

And finally: Shop Update tomorrow Sunday at 4 pm DST. As requested, we'll have Traveller, Gaia Lace, Dragon Sock, and Djinni. Djinni in Violetta, in fact.

Okay, off to swim meet number one of this weekend!