Today is my Birthday!

Sheherezade Djinni

And I'm gonna have a good time!

Ode to Sock Summit Naiad

Actually, despite the heat (and the very small "am I really this old?" meltdown) and Aquaboy being almost too sick to swim in Divisionals, I had a very good time. Got my update finshed with a minimum of freaking out, and had a delicious black and white birthday shake.

Ruby, Ruby Djinni

At our staff meeting this week, we celebrated our actual real live lease with sparkling cider and sparkling lemonade (who knew there was such a thing?) and planned the move for August 3rd. that's two days after i return from sock Summit, in case you're keeping track:) Mary, the queen of organizing, presented us with a beautiful map of the studio to be while 7 children carried on in the basement. Cause that's how we roll in Team Dragonfly:)

Bohemian Rhapsody Djinni

And, in case you were worried, our yarn and Sock Summit booth made it all the way to Portland. All 700 pounds of it! It didn't even fall off the pallets, or anything (as far as I know). I have since dyed about a ton more yarn, during a record heat wave, both to send on for Sock Summit and for our shop update tonight. The update is at 12 midnight Pacific Time (3 am Eastern) and contains lots of lovely things. The preview is here, if you want to check it out.

I'll be leaving on Wednesday for Sock Summit. Come see me there! Booth 906-908.