New Webstore, New studio, and New ...Pets?

All while having lots of fun in the summer sun! We are mid-swim season here, and getting to the fun parts. This weekend, we had a our usual "A meet", which both of my kids have been lucky to participate in, and Relay carnival! This meet took place this morning at our pool (the Big G) and fielded multiple relay teams from all six teams in our division. It is a happy chaos (most of the time).

As you can see breaststroke is a favorite for both the mermaid and aquaboy. Aquaboy and his rela y team mates made it to the Allstar Relay meet for one of their events.

Hooray! Keep tearing up the pool, Tigers!

Now, isn't this the cutest face you have ever seen? This baby raccoon, who has been living with his family in our chimney, somehow fell through the heating vent into our basement last week. Team Dragonfly was dying to keep him, but luckily for us (and his mommy), keeping raccoons is illegal in Maryland.

Super Jack came home, took the vent off the chimney, picked him up with welding gloves, and stuck him back in the chimney. And did you know that raccoons purr? It was the sweetest thing ever!

He is not the new pet. Aquaboy started agitating for a new pet (cause four aren't enough) after his fish died. Somehow, after saying no to a bird or snake of any kind and the boy deciding lizards are boring, he settled on a rodent. At this point, after considerable debate, he chose gerbils. I agreed to buy the second one after he earned the money for the care and keeping of one gerbil. Did you know that "gerbs", as we call them, are much cuter than they used to be, and even come in a variety of colors. We have two, named Rocky and Fizz (or Boulder and James, depending on the day) and they are very sweet. And even kind of snuggly. They haven't been eaten yet (it's been a week).

Now onto the yarn! We are updating the shop tonight at midnight with lots of pretty yarn, and even some spinning fiber! Not just any shop, but a brand spanking new shop, with beautiful new home page. With important design input from our Laura Blueswirly, our amazing webdjinni Kateyj has made a beautiful and user-friendly website for Dragonfly Fibers. Yay! Don't be shy about congratulating her, okay? Any problems, please let me know through the contact us feature or on Ravelry and we'll work to get things fixed. Ta da!

Now, I need to let you know about some price increases. The costs of Traveller and Squishy Lace have been higher to me for over a year now; I love these yarns both for their soft and squishy hand and for their affordable cost. I am increasing the prices for both yarns to $20 for a 4 oz skein as I want to continue to be able to offer them. An excellent explanation for the increase in the cost of wool can be found here on the Fibre Space blog.

Finally, in the "new" department, I have found a studio. We are in the lease signing and executing stage, and are working on configuring the new stove. On August 1st, as I'm flying back from Portland, we will be able to move in. Copious pictures to follow, when I have them.

I leave you with more pictures from the pool. Jack is starting in the parent relay from our intersquad Green and Black meet. They didn't win, but he made a good showing!