There and Back Again

Ok, we were in the Land of Enchantmant until yesterday, but now I think this post is more aptly titled "Greetings from There and Back Again". Or, Here, There and Everywhere. Or Travelling with Dragonfly, Part One:) This will read a bit like Gregory Macguire novel, starting in the present and going all over the place.

Strata in the Robledo Mountains

We had a terrific visit with my parents, who were in good spirits and good health. I have begun to form an appreciation for this amazing area, with SO MUCH History. And pre-history. And natural beauty.

Aquaboy and an awesome dog we met on the trek to see Dimetron Tracks in the Robledo foothills.

Ocatillo shrub

Dimetrodon Track

So, here we are, the fearless travellers, willing to go off trail to see actual real-live pre-dinosaur tracks. The Dimetrodon, in case you are curious, was a pre-dinosaur reptile from the Permian period. this is right before the Jurassic and triassic periods we enjoy learning so much about. This trackway, as it is called, was discovered by a person named Jerry Mcdonald and is considered the largest and best track site in the world.

Pretty cool, huh? Next post, I'll have more pictures from the other half of our trip. we did a bunch of trail riding on real live cowponies, with a real cowboy and cowgirl. No really.

And yes, I did actually go to Portland for Sock Summit. I had an amazing time, as was able to enjoy some of my dearest knitting friends all together, and make a few new ones too. My friend Nikki and her husband Kuro are the most gracious hosts ever, and the town is so very fabulous. i know i'm using alot of superlatives, but it is all true! i was ready to move to Portland, until I was reminded that the weather is not always so good, and that i wood not get to see the sun too much. Oh well. It's quite sunny in New Mexico! A little far for Team Dragonfly to commute though:)

Here is cutie-pie Laura garcia, better known as Blueswirly on ravelry. In additon to being an amazing graphic artist, she is a flawless knitter, excellent friend, and super sales woman. Go ask here what she is wearing in that picture; better yet, look here.

Not even sure where to start with Katey. Webmistress extraordinaire, queen of booth set up (sometimes I find myself standing there bewildered watching her lay it out, wield the drill, and make it beautiful), dear friend, funny girl, and creatrix of Tiny Sock Garlands. Thanks so much to those many Dragonflies who contributed tiny socks. I think we may need to award some prizes!

Katey's Long Stockings, in Dragonberry Djinni

I have no pictures of Nikki; she took alot of excellent ones, though, which you can find here. Actually, I do have some of her helping me wrap my pallets after the show, but none worthy. As you probably know, Nikki is fabulous. To me, a thoughtful advisor, excellent host, sherpa and chauffeur extraordinaire, and i would definitely want her at my back (or maybe in the lead?) if things ever came to fight:) They wouldn't though, cause she'd just make us all laugh till we couldn't breathe, then give us a snack and a nap. And did I say she has the cutest dog ever? We love Piggy!

Ode To Sock Summit Colorway

Sock Summit was a great show for me. Well-organized and quite vendor-friendly. The lighting was good, and the customers were the best. For those of you who were hoping the rest of my yarn for the show (the four boxes i shipped later?) would arrive before the show was over, well, it finally arrived here in Maryland. I always seem to learn things the hard way:)

We'll be celebrating with a big honkin SHOP UPDATE next Saturday, the 20th at noon. I'd hoped to do that sooner, but with all of us travelling, we still need to unpack and inventory:)

And here we are, back to the beginning. Or the end, if we are speaking of the Summer Swim season. The Mermaid and her school of lovelies got together for mani-pedis and dressing before our swim team banquet. Aquaboy can't stop himself from jumping in to a picture, so aren't they all gorgeous?

Part II with horses, and maybe some new studio pictures soon!