Back from Stitches and No Pictures to show for it

Here, look at the yarn! "Wonder Woman" Terry has, for the most part, taken over the photos for the shop, and, I believe, is doing a great job. So, while i tell you about Stitches Midwest and the first week of school, please enjoy some of the yarns that i'll be listing in tomorrow's shop update (that's at 4 pm eastern time).

We had an great show this year in Schaumburg. Not only did I have excellent help and great company from Team Dragonfly-Midwest (that's the lovely Susan/auntissy and the fabulous and very funny Molly/mhardersen) but we had a very fun 4 day pj party with my buddies Steph, the artist behind LOOP, and her faithful sidekick Christina/miukat. And we were right across the aisle from each other on the show floor, so we could help each other too.

In the middle of the Sock Summit/studio move/parent visiting insanity that was my August, I learned that my driving plans had changed and that i would need to do the 14 hour drive alone. While this might not be out of the realm of possibilty ordinarily, I wasn't in great shape for such a feat. Super Jack came to the rescue (again...) with a plane ticket to Chicago courtesy of his frequent flyer miles and I shipped my yarn last minute. Susan proved her superhero status by picking up the gridwall and delivering it to me at the show...and then going back for more:)

We met lots of great new and familar customers, and some new friends in the midwest too. Look for Erin of MommyNeedsyarn to introduce her yarn for the podcaster challenge (Dragonworsted in December Baby) and a nice review from Steven of Dramatic Knits. Thanks so much, ya'll!

We had dinner with Jaala of Knitcircus and Stephannie of Sunset Cat Designs, who graciously supported my quest for noodle stir fry. I can't wait to see the sweater Steph is knitting a for her upcoming book in Dragonberry Blue Face Worsted; go see Elise from the fall issue of Knitcircus! Also, look for a review of said Blue Face Worsted in the next Knitcircus issue. Speaking of this beautiful fall and winter yarn, I have a big box from the mill and plan dye up a storm for the next few shows and stocking up the shop.

You may know that Hurricane Irene hit the DelMarVa coast while we were safely inland. My lovely husband shipped his parents out to West Virginia with the children and snuggled up with our menagerie, plus their dog. Because he had had some potentially troublesome trees removed only days before, we had no real problems. A little water in the basement, a 24 hour hour power outage. Nothing compared to other storms, and to the chaos and destruction that Irene visited upon the northeast, particularly New York where a dear friend had 4-5 FEET of water in her studio and Vermont of all places.

It's strange how it isn't always the biggest or strongest storms that wreak the most havoc, isn't it? Of course, i kept singing that song in my head: "Goodnight Irene, Goodnight..." Oddly, a lullaby in my family although it really is a bitter break up song.

Although they missed their first day, the beasties are back in school. Although life is a bit easier for the moment - no swim practices or bball - I miss summer. The mermaid is officially in high school, and adjusting well. Flirting with boys, complaining about the number of books she has to carry around, and actually studying for the first time:) Aquaboy is a big 5th grade patrol, and full of himself. It looks like it's going to be a great year:)

What's up next for Team Dragonfly? We moved most of the business into the studio this week, and all of the hanked and tagged yarn is there, sitting cheerfully in wire cubes. the stove will be officially hooked up to the gas line next week, and when we get our hood, I'll be able to move the dyeing operation over. For now, I'll be enjoying the September sunshine on the back deck with my pots, dyeing lots of rich fall colors while everyone else is working on site. I envision a few texts with yarn pictures: "what colorway is this again?" We'll make it work.

Next show is the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest in beautiful Berryville, VA. I'll have a double booth out in the Dairy Barn, hopefully near the alpacas and the bunnies, and across from my friend Connie of Delly's Delights. We'll be out there September 24 and 25; the weather should be gorgeous. The mermaid will be there, but only on Sunday, as she has to study for a Biology test.

Following the Shenandoah show, will be SAFF, my last show of the year. October 21-23 in Asheville, North Carolina. For that one, i'll be stealing Rachel from Sanguine Gryphon for a few days so she can help me with the driving and then stay with her good friends there. I'll be hanging with Katey and Laurie and their band of awesome knitters. Hot tub anyone?