A quickie, with pictures

And it's another post with pictures that don't match:) We are now racing headlong into Fall. Swimming has started this week, bringing more calm to the boy and more focus to the girl. And more driving to the mommy:) Ryan has nearly completed his basketball tryouts, and looks solid. He's not the star of the team, but is finally learning to play defenseand is calming down enough to get some shots in. And we have a bit less screaming in the evenings. A bit. I have to wonder: will he do this in college?

My girlie is finding her way at high school. She seems to be enjoying her challenging classes, and settling in with a lovely group of friends. We dyed her hair red this weekend, maybe a bit redder than she wanted, but it will fade soon enough in the pool.

Steampunk Dragon worn by a knitter at Stitches

On the studio front, all operations are moved over but the actual dyeing. Last week, I dyed in the rain for three days. My skin began to grow scales, my hands and feet started to become webbed, and I swear i could breath through gills:) Actually, I am lucky it was warm, and my dry kitchen waited nearby. Much better to do in September than December!

We expect our ventialtion hood to arrive today and now we shall learn about the vast and tricksy world of permitting. The inspector from WSSC came out to check our stove and panicked. He'd never seen anything like it, and had no idea what to do. He was very nice, but he failed us, saying things like "standing pilot" and "fire suppression" as he backed away slowly...

Peach Melba knit into a blankie by lovely customer Evelyn, also at Stitches

Next up? We are updating the shop this Sunday at 4 pm. The update will "roll" from 4 to about 4:30, as I need to "turn on" each item. We will have Traveller, Blue Face Worsted, Dragon Sock, Selkie, and Spinning fiber. Also, some Hurricane Lee Soaker skeins. I've been bringing in the Fall colorways and easing out the summer ones. Won't be dyeing Watermelon Head, Conch Shell, Bougainvillea, or Red Bud for a while. It's time for Turning Leaves, Mushroom Hunting, Fresh Olives, Indian Corn and Spooky.

To celebrate fall, I'd like to do two things. One, I'd love to have a Miniclub for Fall yarns and colorways. I think it will need to start after i get back from SVFF, though. This gives you time to think about what you'd like to see me offer. Fingering yarns are a bit tight at the moment, for a variety of reasons, so we will go with any Worsted, or Laceweight (okay, Squishy) yarn, and any spinning fiber.

I'm also thinking that, as October is coming, we should maybe have an inspiration contest for my Breast Cancer Awareness colorway. Last year, it was Peach Melba. this year, I think it would be nice to have a new one. Don't you?

As I get ready to dive into the muck that is Montgomery County permitting, I leave you with of my favorite beasties. This is for you, Garndfather and Memommie!