Falling out of the Vortex and Looking for a Place to Land

Apparently, i'm not a teenager anymore (even though I still am in my mind:) After the insanity of the late summer-fall, I have been dyeing a few skeins of yarn here and there, and then getting lost in the couch with the dogs and Doctor Who. I have only just discovered this fabulous show, and after a few weeks am nearly finished with the third year of the new series. Yumm!

My last show of the year was SAFF, one of my most favorite. Both for the people

Katey, who couldn't be cuter

my fabulous set up crew

and the gorgeous Asheville area, particularly this time of year. While we missed the peak by one weekend, the color was still amazing. Rachel, of sanguine gryphon fame, drove down and back with me and set up and tore down, and we stayed a few nights with her good friends, Liz and Jason. And i treated myself with a 20 minute massage every day. Yay! All in all, a lovely way to end the show season. (Sold lots of yarn, too! Thanks so much to all of you who came to say hello AND buy yarn).

While we are all finished with fiber festivals for the year, I will be taking Dragonfly Fibers on the road a few times in the next few months. First, we will be doing a trunk show at Cloverhill Yarns in Catonsville, MD next weekend. The yarn and spinning fiber will be there Saturday and Sunday; I will be there on Sunday from 1-5 pm. I still have a couple of days to dye, so send me a note if you have any requests!

While we are on the subject, if you are somewhat nearby and would like to see us do a trunk show at your LYS, let us and/or them know it. We are happy to visit:)

Alot of people have asked how the studio is coming along. Of course, it is fabulous. Team Dragonfly is fully moved in and we love the space! We even have a comfy sitting area for hanging out, a sheepskin for the dogs to lay on, and a refrigerator, which was fonated by one of my lovely contractor buddies. As of this week, we even have venting from the stove outside. I am still dyeing yarn on my back deck (hello another rainy Wednesday!) while my lovely Jack puts the finishing touches on the stove and we get our sink installed properly. Oh, and that pesky inspection. Wish me luck!

I do have to say (shh, don't tell Montgomery County), that, with the help of my husband and father in law, I was able to dye six inaugural skeins in my studio yesterday! In a brand new colorway resulting from a collaboration with a good friend, called Weather Girl. It was a big day indeed. It will be very difficult to return to the deck till all is ready...

When we are fully operational, I will have a proper studio opening party. Something to look forward to in the cold part of the year, after the holiday season. I hope to have a stitch and bitch there, and to offer some fabulous workshops and such. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you might be looking for. I have one dear friend who is willing to come in and teach handspinning, and I am willing to do some dye workshops eventually. Any knitting techniques you are dying to learn? Or, perhaps you have a proposal for a workshop you'd like to teach and you need the space?

Next update will be Sunday, December 4th. We are skipping a week so we can offer a ton of fibery goodness at the Cloverhill trunk show, but I guarantee it will be a big one. You know where to find us if you need something before then, right? We will be doing a MiniClub to go along with our Accessories KAL with Traveller and Soft Twist Djinni starting next Friday. I'll go post a warm up thread in our Ravelry group so you all can tell me what colors you are looking for.